October 20th, 2003

flavored with age

Le Weekend

You know, I wish my weekends could be like Godard's brilliant "Le Weekend" -- you know, fatal car crashes that back up traffic for a hundred miles, Situationist revolutionaries slaughtering cattle, dead bourgeoisie everywhere -- but no, it's just typical humdrum weekend update time.

Kind of a spotty weekend, actually. Got some potentially good news re: publication, ate at the Viceroy (butter chicken & Kingfisher, very good combination), sent out some freelance stuff and watched a couple of good movies, but had a very wierd day yesterday, didn't get much writing done, and for some reason couldn't sleep at all. Friday, Saturday, and again last night I was waking up constantly during the evening, which led to me being generally out of it the whole weekend.

I saw the director's cut of "The Wild Bunch", which I probably would have appreciated more had it not been so long since I saw the non-director's cut of "The Wild Bunch". I also say part one of Lars von Trier's "The Kingdom" -- best described as "Twin Peaks" crossed with "ER" -- which was excellent, scary and funny and creepy. I highly recommend it to fans of televised wierdness. Stephen King is doing a remake of it for American TV, but I am dubious of his ability to do a decent job (I'm equally leery of the upcoming American adaptation of "The Office").

A guy I know from a music discussion group sent me a whole bunch of discs by the Quiet American. The Quiet American is a San Franciscan who does really excellent, interesting field recordings and ambient soundscapes, mostly in southeast Asia. My favorite so far is "Deep Creatures" (manipulated field recordings made in Kona, HI and San Francisco, CA), followed closely by "Plumbing and Irrigation of South Asia" (which is exactly what it says). I listened to this all night and I still can't fuckin' sleep.

I might go hiking next weekend, which is an odd thing for someone as nature-ambivalent as me to do, but I'm actually looking forward to it.

Could this entry be any less interesting? Probably not. Sorry, folks. I'm really, really tired.
flavored with age


Oh, yeah. I bought books this weekend!

I bought Bill Willingham's "Fables" (book 1); Bill needs a better editor. I bought a Marvel collection of the first 10 issues of "The Fantastic Four". I bought Nick Tosches' "In the Hand of Dante", which I just started but which is great so far. I bought Edvard Radzinsky's biography of Stalin, which I read when it first came out, but really liked and always meant to get around to buying. I also bought A.E. Hartink's "Complete Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers" and a book of rock criticism & interviews called "The Dark Stuff", whose author I can't remember and the book is in my car at the moment.

Today's rhetorical question #2: am I as crazy as these books make me seem?
flavored with age

The new twenty

It actually looks pretty good, except all the tiny little "20"s on the back, which make it look like someone left it sitting in a bowl of Numera-Bits.