October 24th, 2003

flavored with age

One of those days

One of those hatin'-your-job days. One of those gotta-buy-groceries days. One of those listen-to-the-Quiet-American-as-you-drift-off-to-sleep-and-it-fucks-with-your-dreams days. One of those someone-parks-their-ratty-old-truck-in-front-of-your-garage days. One of those hey-was-that-a-bird-that-just-called-me-an-asshole-or-was-it-a-teenager days. One of those oh-Christ-McDonalds-again-for-lunch days. One of those it-turns-out-stealing-from-a-public-park-is-illegal days.

You know?
flavored with age

It's a puzzler, all right

Longtime no-lifers readers of this site may recall that the roach coach at the company I work for features a "CHILLI DOG", the label of which lists a "beef winnie" as the main ingredient. Sometimes I eat the "CHILLI DOG", because I am insane.

Anyway, this morning, I went out to the roach coach, and noticed that they now have a new iteration of the "CHILLI DOG". There are now two of them, but strangely, they do not appear to have chili on them. Or anything else. It's just two hot dogs in plain buns with no topping at all. So, they are chili-less chili dogs, but there are two of them. I'm not sure if this is an improvement or not.

Other possibilities: the chili is inside the hot dogs; the chili is invisible; the buns are chili-flavored; the chili is under the hot dog; "chilli" is the word in whatever language the roach coach operator speaks for "two".

It's a conceptual noodle-scratcher.