November 3rd, 2003

flavored with age

La di da di, we like to party

Friday's Halloween party went swimmingly, I think. While I went through my customary pre-party neurotic rundown (no one will come, everyone will have a lousy time, too many people will come, I made too much food, I didn't make enough food, the food will suck, etc.), and while I nearly threw myself off the balcony for a rather minor kitchen blunder, everything went pretty smoothly.

Thanks to all who came, especially Lara, theletterr, Cheryl, Kim, Allison, Kate, Claire, Steve, Nathan, rum_holiday, Doug, Lance, toyman, and thaitea (although she didn't technically come to the party; since she lives here, it came to her).

I made my usual over-elaborate spred, cheesy '80s horror movies aplenty were rented (the evening included a viewing of "Child's Play" in French, which, if anything, enhances the value of this delightful romp), a wide range of spooky-ooky music was played (including the collected works of John Carpenter, Goblin and LaRue De la Shay), alcohol by the jugful was consumed, and I talked about the Geto Boys with the Onion's lead movie critic, which is one of the more surreal experiences of my recent life.

Costumes were worn as requested. theletterr put together a masterpiece in velvet, best described as an owl who had gone into business as a courtier. Lara brought her own personal soundtrack to accompany her costume, Steve wore a fetching ascot, and rum_holiday's conceptual ensemble (she came as a lie) fooled everyone. At the end of the evening, though, first prize (a box of Count Chocula cereal) went to Kim, for her complex and colorful "Seven Deadly Sins" costume, and second prize (a copy of manningkrull and calamityjon's outstanding "Boo!" comic) went to Kate for her rainforest costume, consisting as it did of plants and flowers that were not only homegrown, but rendered her incapable of moving or looking to her left or right, which showed that she was willing to suffer for her art.

Now, what am I gonna do with all this goddamn candy?
flavored with age


For those following my hapless adventures in the scribbling trade, I finally got official notice this week that I didn't get the full-time music writing gig with the big local weekly here. So, too bad there, but I wasn't really expecting to get it anyway.

On the upside, I did get an e-mail from their new music editor saying that on the strength of the samples I sent and some other stuff I did for another free weekly here in Chic, they'd like me to submit some freelance stuff for consideration. So that's something.