November 24th, 2003

flavored with age

Ri-in' update

I got a ton of writing done this weekend. I finished up some record reviews for the weekly, did a book review for the High Hat, polished off a freelance short fiction piece I'm gonna shop around, kept up the Ludic Log, worked on a personal project or two, and even did some work on my crappy novel.

But you know what? Writing is boring.

I mean, don't get me wrong: it's probably my favorite thing in the world to do, besides sleep and read. But the more I do it (and I'm not complaining: I've had more stuff published and gotten more paying gigs this year than any other year since I had my first piece published in 1987, and I'm doing lots of great projects for myself that I like doing), the more I realize that it involves lots and lots and lots of sitting by myself in a stuffy room in front of the computer. I mean for hours and hours at a time. And the only time you get up is to go to the bathroom or get research materials. It's dull. I spent about 20 hours this weekend doing nothing but typing. And yet, I feel great about it.

The more I do it, the less I care about cleaning house, exercising, going out, or basically doing anything else, even stuff I really need to do. And yet, the more I do it, the happier I am.

So, what are you gonna do? There's really not a lot you can do.
flavored with age

Make my doc the MODOK, I wants to get DOKed up

Thanks to Austin for this amazing little tidbit:

If you dig into the history and origins of MODOK, the most greatestest Marvel supervillain ever to float around in a rocket chair, you discover that the evil A.I.M. scientists who created everyone's favorite Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing were named...


See here:

That's right: George Clinton and Bernie Worrell designed MODOK and built the Cosmic Cube, in their time off from leading the greatest funk band in the history of music.

Is there anything they CAN'T do?