November 27th, 2003

flavored with age


Today’s Ludic Log: patriotism tips from this magazine!

(This is actually a reworded rip-off of an old ad from a 1944 Life magazine. Stop me before I become the anti-James Lileks!)
flavored with age

Holiday menu

For those keeping track, here's today's menu at the Pierce Crib Exile's Thanksgiving:

- antipasto tray, featuring grapes, red peppers, marinated mushrooms, Kalamata figs, sliced pears, cappaciolla, prosciutto, Fontina cheese, Provolone cheese, and crackers

- breadsticks

- fettucine con cipolle soffocate (pasta with smothered onions)

- zuppa di verdura dell'aglio pomodoro (tomato-garlic vegetable soup)

- broccolo con aglio (sauteed broccoli with garlic)

- insalata Caesari (Caesar salad -- a real one, with egg and anchovy)

- agnello condito degli arrosti (seasoned roast leg of lamb)

- zucchini frittata

- Gran panettone Milanesa (Italian holiday cake)

- a big bottle of Bolla Valpolicella '01

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Hope it's a good one.