December 2nd, 2003

flavored with age

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to horseshit

So I just spent half the morning, when I could have and should have been working, reading a website by some Objectivist chick who goes to Penn State and has her picture taken with Ann Coulter. She talks about how lesbians can be cured by reading Ayn Rand, how evolution is a communist plot, and how real Objectivist women don't need to have orgasms. I could read it all fucking day long.

Even the titles of her essays fill me with the kind of sickening delight that I only get when I know I'm reading sheer 100% unadulterated crap:

"Evolution's Devolution"

"Hedonism leads to Bad Sex"

"Lesbians and Socialism"

"College professors and feminists attack on happiness"

"How Feminism is Destroying Young Women"

"What do NAZIs have in common with FEMINISTS?"

"Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong"

"How the Educational Establishment is Training us For Socialism"

"Campus Radicals belong in a Mental Institution"

"Objectivism and Golf"

Sweet, sweet pain. Eases the, uh, other pain.