December 8th, 2003

flavored with age

Climb on board the omni bus!

So hey! How about one of those big-ass posts where I talk about all sorts of tedious bullshit instead of posting dozens of little tedious-bullshit posts? I love those! Yeah!

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Boy, wasn't that great? I feel like a younger, fatter, less insane Andy Rooney. Or a much younger, much fatter, much less insane Larry King. Baltimore! Hello! You have a question for Celine Dion's angel-baby?
flavored with age


Today is the birthday of two icons:

Crazy girl toy the Easy-Bake Oven is 40 years old today. Crazy girl Sinead O'Connor is 37 years old today.

YAAAAAY!!! Crazy lady pop-rock and light-bulb-heated cookies!
flavored with age

It's the NEW Russia!

So, we have an utterly ruined economy; millions of people out of work; incredibly low pay; skyrocketing unemployment; an increase in terrorism (in response to a brutal, unneccesary, horribly bloody provincial war); state censorship of the media; old-school party cronyism; crime rates that are through the roof and incredibly violent mobsters influencing just about everything; corrupt big businessment getting fat off the labor of people who often don't even get paid; food shortages; a thriving sex industry fueled by desperate unemployed women that leads to ever-increasing numbers of prostitutes, mail-order brides, and strippers who work at gunpoint; a plague of drug addiction and smuggling; selling arms to hostile nations; fire deaths spiralling out of control and education in the toilet because of a lack of state funding; and now, corrupt elections.

Now, this is an improvement over communism how, exactly?