January 7th, 2004

flavored with age

You'll be swell! You'll be great! Gonna see your head on a plate!

Gentle readers of the Ludic Log:

Would anyone be interested in an occasional photoblog entry? Would a bi-weekly or so collection of pictures taken with my tiny digital camera and my total lack of aesthetic sensibilities be compelling to you, or extremely boring and self-indulgent? Sure, it would mean one less entry per week of actual writing, but nobody reads all that stuff anyway.

Also, I am thinking of doing a weekly to bi-weekly interview series -- a mixture of quasi-famous people and regular fuck-knuckles like, oh, say, YOU. Any interest there? Keep in mind that the answer "yes" would mean you will probably get an interview request from me at some point.
flavored with age

Notes from the funnybook store

- I finally got a copy of Rucka/Lieber's "White Out". Very, very good, I think. The Lieber art took a while to grow on me, but in retrospect, it fits the material really well.

- The new "Ultimate Fantastic Four" may be the first Bendis I actively dislike. The teen angle is severely annoying, the abusive-dad device is way played, and they're futzing around with Dr. Doom's origin in a way that I don't care for. (Although, of course, it's a dream of mine to become a famous comic writer so I can futz around with Vic's backstory myself.) I'll probably give the second issue a chance, but I don't really have high hopes. It's a big disappoinment, especially since some of the Ultimates titles are pretty decent, and the under-read, under-appreciated James Sturm take on the FF, "Unstable Molecules", was so damn good.

- Jesus, the fucking Marvel manga-porn X-Men. I wanted to link a picture of this horrifically smutty comic with Phoenix on the cover, but I couldn't remember the title, and surfing the Marvel site at work has become as risky as looking at child-porn sites. It's really embarrassing.

- Do any of you geeks read "Jack Kirby Collector" magazine? Me neither, but man, the newest issue has a simply gorgeous cover illo of Black Bolt on it.

- Speaking of the King, the comic shop (unrelated note: Comic Book Shop Girl is still employed there, but she's never around anymore when I go in there, possibly because she wants to avoid my loser-funk) has this whole section in the back of classic creator stuff -- Eisner titles, the collected Ditko, and so on. And there's this series, a TPB-format softcover series by some publisher whose name I can't remember (edit: it's Pure Imagination, with whom I'm not familiar), of the complete Jack Kirby. It's edited by Greg Theakston (who was Kirby's favorite inker in the '80s), and it plans to have EVERY JACK KIRBY STORY EVER from 1940 on.

Now, this is a great fucking idea. But each TBP is twenty-five bucks, for about 120 pages. And Kirby did a LOT of work in his 50+ year career. The 1940s alone would run you, like, a thousand bucks. So who's gonna BUY this thing? I mean, other than calamityjon?