February 26th, 2004

flavored with age


Today’s Ludic Log: it's not what you say, it's the discounts you get on how you say it. (Note: I think this is hands-down the most ridiculously obscure entry I've ever written.)
flavored with age

Bits your uncle

- I slept improperly a couple of nights ago, and messed up my neck. Now I'm walking around with my giant fat head tilted over to one side. I probably look like a damaged globe. Also, I keep flashing to that joke from Futurama where Fry and Bender are living together and his comes into work all hunched over, and explains that Bender just had carpeting installed and now his head hits the ceiling.

- I've had to work late this week (until 5PM instead of my normal 4PM departure) to make up for the half-day I took Monday to go to a screening, and let me tell you something: the working hour between 4PM and 5PM is the most agonizing, interminable time period measurable by man. I swear, it takes like five seconds from the time my alarm goes off until the time I have to leave for work, whereas I could probably fucking carve Mount Rushmore between 4PM and quitting time. To make it all the worse, I'm doing this excruciatingly boring software-update project that requires doing the exact same thing about ten thousand times in a row and then typing in a short string of numbers at the end over and over and over again. Ah well! At least I'm not being paid very much to do it.

- I've decided, having been pushed forward by the decision of someone I know, to go the hell ahead and get my next tattoos. I've got a little extra money coming in next month from writing gigs, and I haven't gotten one in forever despite still needing about eight to finish my collection. So, come mid-March, it's time for another exciting and slightly painful visit to the Tattoo Factory! I don't even know if my regular inker still works there. I hope so.
flavored with age

Two thoughts on "The Passion the of the the the Christ"

First of all, I'm not really understanding the whole concept of blaming people for Christ's death. I mean, okay, sure. Judas betrayed him, the Jews called for his head, the Romans actually executed him. But what's all this bullshit about blaming them, of picking out a villain and saying it was their 'fault'? According to every manifestation of Christian thought I've ever heard, being executed was the whole point of Jesus coming to Earth. That's his whole goddamn raison d'etre! You know whose fault it is Jesus died? God's! The whole thing was God's idea. He wanted Jesus to die; that was his intention in sending him here, right? Also, he could easily have stopped Jesus from dying had he chosen to. I don't see why the Jews deserve any blame; they, like Pilate, were just helping to facilitate God's plan. And if you're a Christian (which, of course, I'm not, and this is probably unwanted snotty devil's-advocacy on the part of an atheist, but still: consistency is all I ask, etc.), Judas shouldn't be a villain; he should be a hero. He played a major part in helping Jesus die for all of our sins.

Which brings me to my second point: doesn't it seem like Jesus didn't suffer enough? Look: he's supposed to have suffered so much that his sacrifice washed clean the sins of all mankind forever and ever. And that's a primary motivator for Christians to make the rest of us feel guilty for not believing in him. My parents pull this on me all the time, and it's really at the heart of Mel Gibson's movie: look at all the horrible torture Jesus went through for you! How can you turn your back on him after that? Well, honestly, it just doesn't seem like enough. When you think about it, Jesus had a pretty cushy life: no childhood traumas, no dead parents, no sickness or lameness, decent job followed by a budding career as a guru in which he had a dozen flunkies to wait on him hand and foot. He has 32 good years, and then what? A long weekend in which he has a bad time, followed by a half a day of suffering and torture. After which, he gets to ascend to Heaven, assume his place on the throne of God, and be the omnipotent, omnicient and omnibenevolent lord and master of all creation for eternity! That's suffering? The average midget or asthma victim has it worse than that. There's been people who have been tortured for days or weeks and then killed. There's been people who live their entire lives in poverty, sickness and terrible pain. Hell, even the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus suffered just as much as he did, and when they died, neither of them got to be an immortal, abjectly worshipped savior of mankind afterwards. It seems to me that for someone who wanted the voluntary embrace of all humanity in payment for agony so great that it absolved every sin since the birth of man, Jesus got off pretty light in the suffering department.