March 8th, 2004

flavored with age


Today’s Ludic Log is just a link (stolen from rxrfrx), and Friday is something longtime Skullbucket readers have seen before (I wanted to move it over there to make it easier to find and link), but Saturday has new, if not particularly worthwhile, content in the form of a very, very stupid foto-list.
flavored with age

Monday morning misco

1. I'm starting to get charley-horses when I'm half-asleep in bed. If this is one of the signs of encroaching age, please kill me now.

2. There's still slots left for my 2004 fantasy baseball league! We're gonna run the draft as soon as all the slots are filled -- at the end of March at the latest, but hopefully sooner. If you want to join up, it's free -- go here:

The League ID # is 180139, and the league is called the American Baseball Association. The password is 'whitesox'.

It's roto-scoring, all players available, AL-style rosters (8 fielders, DH, 5 starters, 7 in the pen), ten stat categories for hitters and ten for pitchers.
It's an auto-pick draft instead of a live one, so you have to pre-rank your players. Come on already! What's a little more time wasted on the internet to you slobs?

3. Dear person who wrote this e-mail to my website:

how do you access dvd rom features on 2 fast 2 furious dvd the movie plays on my computer fine but when going to special features and going to dvd rom feature it doesnt tel me how to accually access the screen saver or wallpapers for example thax

I don't know.

4. Can it be possible that, with my freelance gigs caught up at the moment, I can actually get some work done on my crappy novel this week? I'm not sure, but...maybe! Holy shit.

Actually, I do have a couple more pitches I want to make, but it looks like even with all the prep work for the St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday, I might just be able to put a dent in the fucking thing for a couple of days. Wish me luck.

5. My trekking pole is lonely. It wants to go hiking again. On the other hand, my car is not entirely keen on the idea of driving out of the city. Someday I will take it to the shop, and they will tell me what is wrong with it and that it will cost ten thousand dollars to repair, and I will just have to take it out in the back yard and shoot it through the head. (This is the same reason I don't go to the doctor.) When, or rather if, I will have the money to repair it is in doubt.

This weekend, in fact, I thought 'hey, I have a little extra money, I'm getting a handful of checks from freelance jobs, why not do a little splurge spending?' Pathetically, though, my splurge spending consisted of a jacket, a pair of pants, and three CDs, one of which is ass. I shoulda just gotten another tattoo. (I will get about $70 reimbursed for a restaurant review I did on Sunday, but that's already gone down the rat hole of bills.)