March 11th, 2004

flavored with age


Today’s Ludic Log: Billy's Prison Diary, chapter 7.

Special bonus whorin': I have the cover story in this month's issue of UR Chicago. It's been edited for length and the graphics aren't up -- UR is a print magazine that thrives on advertising alone, so like the Chicago Reader and a lot of other free weeklies/monthlies, they don't put all their content online -- but you can get the gist of it, mostly. The new UR also features my review of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as well as my interview with Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry, but it looks like that's not on line either, so if you wanna see it you'll have to pick up an issue. Provided, of course, you live in the Chicago area. Otherwise, you're outta luck. SORRY PUNKS!
flavored with age

Maybelle doth murder sleep

Why am I up at an even more ungodly hour than usual? The answer is simple: the song of my cat can no more be slept through than can Armageddon (the event or the shitty Michael Bay movie). I've slept through earthquakes, gunfights and at least one major war, but once she starts howlin', I'm up. She only weighs five pounds, but at least four of that is lung.

Things I know about nine pound hammers:

1. They're a little too heavy for my size.
2. They killed John Henry, but they ain't gonna kill me.
3. There ain't one in this town that can ring like mine.

The St. Patrick's Day party is going to be...difficult. Why? Because a lot of people are coming, and because I have a huge amount of cooking to do, and because there's not much prep work I can do, and because I will have to do a lot of it on the fly since we're coming straight from the parade back to my place for the party, and because I'll almost certainly be drunk by the time I even start cooking. But I'm not too worried. I look at it as a gauntlet to run, a personal challenge, my own little Iron Chef. People (hopefully) can survive on whatever lunch we get and snacks until dinner's ready (I'm optimistically thinking 8PM), and also, liquor in abundance means that everyone else will be as polluted as I am and won't notice my manic dervishing around in the kitchen. I'm actually looking forward to it...if I can make this work, I will be the fucking champ. (I am also making fucking champ.)
flavored with age

Do it. Seriously. DO IT.

I only need THREE MORE PEOPLE to join in order to have a full 14-team roster for my Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball league! Come on, punks. You know you want to. It's totally free and also awesome! Like selling GRIT! Go here:

The League ID # is 180139, and the league is called the American Baseball Association. The password is 'whitesox'.

Also, those of you already playing, if you haven't pre-ranked your players for the auto-pick draft, do so as soon as possible. Next Friday (03/20), I'm gonna run the draft whether we have 14 teams or not. Dig it.