March 22nd, 2004

flavored with age


Today's Ludic Log is just a link, albeit one at which I highly suggest you take a look. Saturday featured new lists and sausage, and Friday is worth taking a look at -- it's unpublished excerpts from my interview with Charlie Kaufman & Michel Gondry about their excellent new film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
flavored with age

Dissun, datun

1. Thanks very much to everyone for their kind words and thoughts about Maybelle. We miss her tremendously, and it was good to have your support.

2. I went VIDEO GAME CRAZY this weekend! I picked up "The Getaway", which I had played and liked but never gotten around to buying (great, great look -- the field of play is actually a precise replica, building for building, of a 40-block chunk of London -- but somewhat difficult game-play so far); "Midway Arcade Classics" (Defender! Paperboy! Robotron! Gauntlet! Sinistarr! I'm in fuckin' pre-adolescent heaven), and 989 Sports' "MLB 2005" for my PS2. I like the latter game a LOT -- tremendous graphics, super-realistic body movements, great replays and camera angles, good game-play, and the Franchise Mode is super-immersive, even allowing you to control such minute details as the parking and concession costs at your home field. Even the simulation mode is fun, since it has an option where it doesn't just give you the final score, but a pitch-by-pitch 'broadcast' of the game. Highly recommended!

3. I went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again on Saturday with Lara & Jeff -- my commitment to a movie can be measured these days by whether or not I'm willing to pay to see it (twice!). I liked it even more the second time, since I was able to pay a lot more attention to the acting; Mark Ruffalo, in particular, is outstanding. Everyone, do yourself a favor and go see this.

4. As if I haven't broadcast a loud enough NERD ALERT with the video-game post above, I will scare the rest of you off by saying: I miss role-playing. I had an online game going with some LJ people, which seems to have fallen apart; but even if it was still going, I'm in the mood -- for reasons of nostalgia, boredom, loneliness, or just pure shining geekery, I cannot say -- to do some face-to-face roleplaying. There are two things, though: I can't do it more than once a week, because I have shitloads of writing and other stuff to do. And although I love roleplaying, I hate people. So I only ever want to play with cool people, and most cool people don't role-play. Therefore I send out this word. If you're reading this, you're probably on my LJ friends list, and are therefore probably de facto an acceptable human being. I also know that some of you Chicago people are geeky enough to do some role-playing. So, my questions are: What do you play? When? Where? Are you taking new players? If so, would you be willing to shoot me some info? If not, are any of you in the market for some F2F superhero-genre play using my own system? HOLY SHIT MAN I AM MR. SUPER NERD SOMEONE PLEASE RUN ME OVER WITH A CAR OK THX LUVYA BYE!!!!1!

5. In a last-ditch and desperate attempt to restore some cred, I will mention that I am lining up an interview this week with Rob Miller, the founder of Bloodshot Records; I have had a short story accepted by a not-altogether-sucky lit magazine, and I will be doing a reading of something (I have no fucking idea what...any suggestions?) from the Ludic Log at the WLUW Record & 'Zine Fair this year. Please don't hate me.