April 19th, 2004

flavored with age

Jolly Jack!

One month to the day after we lost our beloved Maybelle, thaitea and I brought home a new cat. He's a big, playful, black & white cat who's lived at the Treehouse cat shelter his whole life; we're the first real home he's ever had, and the workers there were overjoyed that he got adopted. He's shy and needs a good period of socialization -- which will be hard because he's so handsome, we're very tempted to pet him and dote on him, but also because Gus is VERY curious about him and keeps nosing around the door trying to get a look at him. He had a brother he palled around with at the shelter, so we're hoping when two weeks are up and we can finally introduce them, they'll be good pals.

His name is Kirby, and I have decided not at all arbitrarily that he is named after legendary comic book artist Jack "King" Kirby. Like Jolly Jack, he is beloved, intelligent and playful, but unlike Jolly Jack, he spends a lot of time sleeping behind a toilet.

Here's a look at the King:

flavored with age

My eyes, doctor, my eyes

MAN you guys on my friends list who are doing quizzes and polls and cut-and-pastes and big photos and POSTS WITH GIANT FONTS, learn to use the cut-tag, already. My Friends page looks like a really bad issue of "Wired".
flavored with age

Weekend update

Okay, so I'm not as hot as Tina Fey. But I do have a number of scars.

Here's what I did last week: went to the Cubs opening day (and was delighted to see them lose big), went to the Sox opening day (and was delighted to see them win big), did a bunch of reading, finished off a restaurant review and a freelance piece of food writing, finished off a short story assignment, finished up three articles for an online 'zine, finished editing four pieces for the same 'zine, actually worked on my crappy novel (albeit briefly), bought groceries, bought books (a Gene Wolfe novel and a book of literary theory by Julia Kristeva), watched some episodes of Freaks & Geeks on DVD, hung out with my friend, saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 and reviewed it, did an interview with David Carradine, did an interview with Rob Miller (owner of Bloodshot Records), worked a full work week at my straight job, wrote 7 Ludic Log entries, paid my taxes, bought some stuff on eBay, finished off the liner notes for the first CD of my friend's band, did two freelance record reviews, and got a new cat.

This week I hope to fall into a nice relaxing coma, but I don't think I'll be so lucky.