April 26th, 2004

flavored with age


Today’s Ludic Log is the usual Sunday link; Saturday featured some sub-par lists and a new plate of sausage; and Friday featured pictures of my newly shaggy mop so that my case will be gotten off. Sorry about the poor quality of these recent entries; I promise to do better this week since I am not so insanely busy.
flavored with age

What do I mean by insanely busy, exactly?

Thursday, I hung out with my friend Lara, who had come over to meet our new cat Kirby, and we had a delightful time. Later in the evening I headed off to the Long Room for drinks and fascinating conversation with a pal and sometime-editor of mine, who was kind enough to gift me with the DVD set of Firefly. It's queued up for my watching pleasure as soon as I've worked my way through Freaks & Geeks.

Friday, I screened a local filmmaker's new movie and then interviewed him about the Movieside film festival in May, where he'll be debuting the flick and hosting George Romero and Jack Hill as the featured guests. Then I wrote a piece about the festival and transcribed my interview, and got a decent about (6 pages) of writing done on the crappy novel. (By the way, seeing the number of crappy novels on sale at bookstores all over the country fill me with great confidence. And also great despair.)

Saturday I entertained Kirby while thaitea was off at an animation festival, then headed off to the WLUW Record & 'Zine Fair to do a reading as part of SPEC's self-publishing spotlight program. The reading...well, it didn't go well. The whole Fair seemed a bit chaotic, a few readers didn't show, the mics were's set up, the organizer wasn't there, and I inadvertanly made a huge gaffe. There's a reader whose stuff I really enjoy, and he had come up to (I thought) announce that they were taking a break before the next panel. So, being particularly busy that day, I decided to skip out...RIGHT AS HE STARTED READING HIS OWN PIECE. It turned out he was saying that they would break after his reading, and I was completely mortified for ducking out before he read, not only because I like his stuff but because he had paid me a nice compliment after my own set. Later that evening, after working on the crappy novel a bit more (2 pages), I headed north for a birthday dinner for my pal Nathan Rabin at Andie's. Andie's has excellent food, the company (which included Nathan's fellow Onion writers Scott Tobias and Keith Phipps) was excellent, and had I smoked any weed beforehand, it would have been of exceptionally high quality. Though of course I did no such thing, because recreational drugs are illegal.

Sunday, I got up at an ungodly hour and trucked over Loyola University's Lake Shore campus to record a show for WLUW. I'll be a guest this Tuesday (04/27) at 10:00AM on "Under Surveillance", a half-hour show about popular culture and politics. The host, Kevin Fullam, is a very intelligent and interesting guy, and it was a pleasure talking to him; thanks, as always, to A., who hooked me up with him. Anyone interested in listening: Chicagoans can hear WLUW at 88.7FM, and those elsewhere can listen by going to http://www.wluw.org and clicking on the "LISTEN NOW" button.

Later that day, I stopped by Powell's and got an armload of books: The Unvanquished by William Faulkner, Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem, Resuscitation of a Hanged Man by Denis Johnson, Suttree by Cormac McCarthy, Chicago Stories: Tales of the City edited by John Miller, the All Music Guide to Jazz, Transmetropolitan Book 9 (The Cure) by Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson, Revolutionaries by Eric Hobsbawm, The Martyrs of Columbine: Faith and the Politics of Tragedy by Justin Watson, and Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action by Jurgen Habermas. Several of these, especially the Lethem book and the Habermas, are ones I've been meaning to read forever and hopefully now get around to actually starting.

I finished the night by going to see a performance called "Glass Layers" at Links Hall, which featured a really fine piece by my pal theletterr. Then I went home and collapsed into a huge quivering pile of sleepiness, but not before making the bowel-thundering mistake of eating right before I went to sleep after having eaten nothing all day. Some things came out of me between then and now that I'd just as soon forget.

And on that precious note, how was your weekend?
flavored with age

MONDAY SHITLIST, PIP 1: Fashionably Deceased

I had prepared a big stupid rant about people who use their cell phones when they drive (especially when the drive to a Cubs game), but you've all heard it before, and the parts of it I can remember aren't that funny or interesting.

Instead, in an attempt to keep this thing alive while abdicating any responsibility I have to actually come up with anything interesting to write, I present a new tradition. In a complete rip-off of loving variation on the ever-popular "Friday Five", I give you the MONDAY SHITLIST, in which you, the reader, Make a list of five answers to a weekly question about the worst of the worst. You can either answer here in comments, or paste the contents of this post in your own journal so people on your Friends list can also participate.

To kick off the very first and eminently fashionable MONDAY SHITLIST, we feature a fashion question. What five fashion trends, articles of clothing, hairstyles, personal grooming habits, or modes of dress are the most appalling and most worthy of being banished from the face of the Earth for all time?

What's on your FASHION SHITLIST?