April 28th, 2004

flavored with age

And now, since nobody asked...

...the only song featuring Del tha Funkee Homosapien on which his verse isn't the best one.

I’m the difference between Hanna-Barbera and Hannibal the barbarian
The metal stiletto ghetto Caesarean
Word-carryin’ clarion
My drum kicks like blood on a steel-toe
Nasty, like crud on a dildo
For real, though
Rhyme biscuits bust and break a baller for his billfold
Better beware, boy, before the shoddy makes your body prostrate
Before this dope makes your eyes dilate
My rhymes will gyrate
Liquid spills covering nine state
Liftin’ crime rages
Shiftin’ earth plates
Casual’s amongst the ranks of great
Bitch niggas get treated and took out like dates
They lightweights
Have that ass beggin’ for another day like Nate
Your hard boulevard façade will get you scarred
Get your shit served, preserved, banned, canned and jarred
And labeled as a fable
You’re unstable
My methods on the mic make money under the table
Pay-per-view, digital TV or cable
By cell phone, via satellite or right at your label
Hell, you can even send an e-mail
I’ll rip that ass in 56k detail
Use a seashell in an ocean of emotion
Perilous notions of my delicate delivery’s devotion
Minimal effort makes our shit sound phat
Delvon and Smash Boogie, we get down like that
You know I grab the mic and hit you tit-for-tat
Delvon and Smash Boogie, we get down like that

And man, I can't BELIEVE I'm still the only person with "fuck you schoolboy" as an interest...)