May 11th, 2004

flavored with age


Today’s Ludic Log: goddamn nothin' but an announcement that the Ludic Log is back! But that means my new computer is GO, baby! Real content to come tomorrow, but right now I'm just celebrating that I got all this shit done.

It's so shiny. So shiny. And I intend to make this iPod my wife.

Now, does anyone know a good, and especially free, web page design program for OSX, now that those bastards at Adobe have stopped making PageMill?
flavored with age

MONDAY SHITLIST, PIP 3: Get Your Knobs Off

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. Shut up, that's why.

Today's MONDAY SHITLIST: tell me five songs you hope you never hear again as long as you live. Now, the thing is, these can't be songs that you just think are overexposed, because those can be made fresh again by the workings of time. And they can't be songs that just happen to have a negative personal connotation for you. This is the SHITLIST, which means we just deal with the absolute dregs. These songs have to be complete and utter shit, songs that had no right to be written and perform no function other than to make you get rid of them once the opening notes sound.

So, go time: what songs are on your SHITLIST?