May 12th, 2004

flavored with age

Chicago thang

Hey, sports fans, my pal Claire Zulkey has an advice column called "Dear Zulk", and today's installment features an essay about being a Cubs fan vs. being a White Sox fan. Yours cruelly wrote the entry standing up for the Good Guys of the South Side, so take a look, why don't you? Also, please note that the Cubs fan entry is shallow and factually incorrect.
flavored with age


1. Insane religious fanatics who cut a guy's head off on camera

2. "Can't You See", the Marshall Tucker Band

3. Jingoistic racists who use the misdeeds of others to justify their own bloodlust

4. "Shooting Star", Bad Company

5. People who demand that sides be chosen on an issue without clearly understanding why they have chosen their own side

6. "Gonna Raise Hell", Cheap Trick

7. Seeing my friends brought low by assholes and bad fortune and not knowing what I can do to help them

8. "Love Hurts", Nazareth

9. Watching what seems to be the entire world abandon the basic tenets of civilization and handing authority over to the most rabid idealogues they can dig up, as if ideological tenacity and not intelligence is what made the world

10. "Spirit in the Sky", Norman Greenbaum
flavored with age

A letter

Dear Keiji Haino,

I enjoy and appreciate your work very much, and unlike many of my friends, I do not leave the room when you are played. However, you are not the most soothing music to listen to on a day like today, when my mind is jangled by the state of the world. While "Execration for to Accept to Acknowledge" is one of my favorite albums of yours, 40 minutes of its shocking and frightening guitar screechings is not what I need right now.

Please forgive me, and forgive my iPod.


P.S. That goes double for you, John Darnielle, you gloomy fuck.
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