May 14th, 2004

flavored with age

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There was an update on the morning news here about that S&M killer in Kansas a few years back who lured women to his home with the promise of turning them into his personal torture victims/sex slaves, and then TOTALLY UNEXPECTEDLY ended up being a crazy man who killed them and sealed them in barrels.

Now, I mean, I am the last person on earth to play blame-the-victim games, and it's at least probable that these women did not actually want to be murdered. But, you know, I have to believe that if a guy calls himself the Slavemaster and talks extensively about how he's going to abuse and humiliate you, and then tells you to come to his house and bring all your money and not tell anyone you're coming, it would be smart to think there's at least a slight possibility that he's a mentally unstable killer. You know?

Goodness knows the ways of S&M are a mystery to me, and hopefully will remain so for the rest of my days, but for real! All those women went to Kansas, innocent in their childlike naivete, wanting nothing more than to be tied up, beaten, burned with cigarettes, shit on, and choked into unconsciousness with a leather strap by a person they met via an internet personal ad. Like little angels, really, pure as the driven snow, like precious children accepting sweet candy. And instead they end up with some NUT! Next thing you know, instead of passing a pleasant evening having their nipples seared with a soldering gun by a maniacal stranger, they're dead inside a barrel.

In other news, the Germans are complaining that the Euro press are using to many Nazi references while covering their national soccer team. That's the kind of abuse you have to put up with for accidentally starting two lousy little world wars.

I have taken the day off to update my iPod. That's what a fucking geek I am, that I'm actually burning a goddamn vacation day to stay home and transfer songs onto my hard drive. Hopefully I'll also get some work done on the crappy novel (I'm thinking of changing the way I describe it from crappy to cruddy. Or crummy. Or any derogatory term starting with "cr", except "crungly", which is inaccurate and not a real word.), and otherwise have no life to speak of, although I may have some exciting conversations with the little plastic toys on my bookshelf. They understand me and don't judge me or withhold their love from me, not like that stuck up bitch of a blow up doll.
flavored with age


Well, I did it. And am in fact still doing it.

No, I do not refer to "the sex", or "making love (out of nothing at all)", or "making whoopee (out of a clawfoot bathtub)", or "doing Loretta's hair", or whatever it is you young people call the process of infant creation. I refer to loading music into my iPod, which I seriously took a vacation day to accomplish. Yes, that's right! Instead of saving my precious off days to visit my friends or tend to my dying parents (at least, I assume they're dying), I burn them off in order to laboriously transfer hundreds of hours of unpopular and unlistenable music from one audio format to another. Except for a short dinner break, a brief errand and about an hour of writing, I have been doing this ALL DAY. If I had a girlfriend, she'd be super pissed at me. To be honest, I'm actually pretty pissed at myself, and am thinking about breaking up with me.

Anyway, knowing how fond I am of short observations, it won't surprise you to know I made some of them. Here they are. Please do waste seconds of your precious time reading them.

- Man, if it's by some batshit Japanese person and it's painful to listen to, I sure will buy it.

- It was a very wise move making all these mix CDs of illegally downloaded difficult-to-replace mp3s. Yes, I can't think of anything better to do with my time than to retype 600 CDs worth of track information.

- This sort of thing -- pointless, time-consuming organizational work with no payoff -- is what I was born to do. Can I make a living at this? Can I get forty grand a year as some rich dingbat's iPod consultant? Because let me tell you, I would tear that job a new pee slot.

- The feature of iTunes where it looks up the track info (songs, performers, albums, etc.) of any CD you plug into your machine is a huge timesaver and is also neat for big geeks like me. In fact, I've amused myself during this incredibly dull process by playing a version of "stump the band": I see if any of my albums are so obscure that the Rhapsody CD database doesn't recognize them. So far, out of about 300 CDs, it's only failed to have the info on three of them: an self-released album by Dryspell, a local band I was acquainted with back in the AZ; a symphonic adaptation of part of the Mahabarata in Urdu; and UFO or Die Live. This last one was a bit surprising, since they're usually very good at Jap-noise and the like, and it's also too bad, because the CD itself does not have track listings. Goddamnit.

- I am developing permanent back injuries just from doing this today.