June 1st, 2004

flavored with age


Today's Ludic Log: a little gay porn for all the lay-teez. Also, catching up over the holiday weekend, there's the usual link on Sunday, some lists and sausage on Saturday, and a special administrative announcement/whatnot on Friday about the Ludic Log's schmancy new "comments" feature.

New icon set will appear later in the day; I meant to have it up already, but I'm having some trouble with my stolen imported graphics-editing software.
flavored with age

Okay, so

Yahoo! is hyping all this allegedly fancy-pants new stuff they've added to their Messenger service (I dunno, I use Fire). And on the Yahoo! front page, it has this, the most retarded picture ever:

Okay, not only the first girl wearing the most utterly fake smile since that tooth whitening commercial where the gaggle of braying donkey-women accuse a woman of having a new boyfriend and she denies it while THE WHOLE TIME MAKING A SHOCKED DENIAL FACE AND ALSO SMILING THE MOST HIDEOUSLY FAKE OPEN-MOUTH-WITH-600-TEETH-SHOWING SMILE IN THE HISTORY OF CREATION, but also, what is the conversation here? Why are they whispering when we can see the huge smiley balloons over their heads? And what to these smileys mean, exactly?

GIRL 1: "I am embarrassed."
GIRL 2: "Shut up."

GIRL 1: "I am shy."
GIRL 2: "Shut up."

GIRL 1: "Are you as drunk as I am?"
GIRL 2: "Yeah, but keep it under the hat you're not wearing."

GIRL 1: "I accidentally super-glued my hand to my cheek."
GIRL 2: "OMG no way! I accidentally super-glued my finger to my nose!"

GIRL 1: "The way you put your tongue in my ear makes me have certain feelings."
GIRL 2: "SHUT THE FUCK UP, seriously."

Hey, Yahoo! Matches! Here's one: your marketing and my ass!
flavored with age

New icon set!

Yes, the people have spoken, and for some reason, they have said: SANDWICHES!

Let it be known that this is the single most retarded icon set I have ever used. What does it say about me? It says that I shouldn't choose my icon sets when I'm having lunch. What does it say about you, that you picked sandwiches? I'll leave that to you to figure out. At least we're rid of those horrible pictures of me.

Anyway, sandwiches! Click on comments to see the whole lot.