June 3rd, 2004

flavored with age

MONDAY SHITLIST, PIP 6: The Waste Vastland

Due to a combination of the Memorial Day holiday festivities and my own overpowering laziness, I forgot to do the MONDAY SHITLIST, the interactive LiveJournal quizz-poll-meme thing where I ask you, my dripping-with-raw-sexuality readers, to tell me the worst that our culture has to offer. As always, post your answers in comments, and feel free to ask the question in your own journals if you're even lazier at coming up with new content than I am.

Today's Shitlist: television. What are the worst TV shows you've ever seen? Now, again, to clarify: here, I don't mean "campy bad", like 'Beverly Hills 90210', with which I was mildly obsessed in the early 1990s. Nor do I mean "so bad that it's good", or "bad but I watch it all the time anyway", like a lot of my friends are with reality-TV shows. What I mean is horribly and unrepententantly bad, ill-conceived, horrible, incompetent, and so unwatchably malpracticed that not only should it never be watched, but it never should have been made, and our nation's top physicists should get to work on the development of a time machine in order to travel backwards and perform messy, painful late-term abortions on the mothers of the people who produced it. What are the five absolutely worst television shows you've ever had the bad luck of seeing?