June 7th, 2004

flavored with age


Today's Ludic Log: catching up on the weekend, we have a much-traveled link on Sunday, some lists and sausage on Saturday (including a special all-Reagan edition of Ludic Lists), and a delightful, graphically questionable, typo-ridden quiz on Friday, suitable for taking and pasting into your very own LiveJournal. It's the Which Coen Brothers Character Are You? Quiz, and although it isn't very funny, interesting or good, at least it took me three fucking days to finish. I hate you with a deep soul-hate, Quizilla!
flavored with age


Hello again to all the sexy readers of this site, especially those of you who are new like a pair of boxer-briefs freshly ripped from the plastic. Holy shit where did that metaphor come from, man? Christ almighty, it's getting kinda funky in here. And not in a good way.

Anyway, this being Monday, I once again present the MONDAY SHITLIST -- the dark mirror of the Friday Five -- in which I ask you, the bored recidivist, to tell me the worst of all that is. As always, feel free to respond in comments, or to post the shitlist in your own journals for other people to answer. Previous shitlists have dealt with the worst in fashion, movies, music, literature, celebrity and television, but today I really wanna start some fights. Today is FOOD.

So, here's the topic: tell me the five worst foods you have ever eaten. These can be either foods you detest no matter how they're presented, or things you actually like but were once served prepared in some nauseating fashion. Or, it can be some general crime against culinarity, such as putting ketchup on hot dogs. Ready? Steady...go!