June 26th, 2004

flavored with age

I'm E. Gary Gygax, bitch!

All right, fuck it. It's on. Attention Chicagoans who are beyond shame: AD&D version 3.5, face to fucking face at the Pierce Crib, date TBD. Standard rules, my own (World of Talus) campaign setting. Live and uncut. 1st level to start. 5 minimum players, 8 maximum. Ongoing, not episodic. Me running, you playing. Alls you need is the PH (if you ain't got it, the Lord and my knack for illegal acquisition can provide) and some flair. Once a week at most, once a month at least. Repondez sil-vous plait, down in the comments, and we'll do this thing.

Bring it.

(SPECIAL NOTE to omnipolis players: I know, I know. Monday.)