July 6th, 2004

flavored with age


Long weekend, lite content. But a multi-part entry can be found here, here and here, along with a Fourth Of July link here.

Updates on what's been up lately coming soon, if I get the time and can think of a way to describe my boring existence in a non-boring fashion.
flavored with age

Weak end

No Monday shitlist today, thanks to the holiday and my general feeling of goodmoodliness. It'll be back next week, and you can tell me about the worst vacation you ever had, if you're really desperate to unload.

Friday: had dinner and drinks with the lovely and talented Claire Zulkey and her fella Steve Delahoyde to shoot the shit (damn shit! Why won't you die already?!?) and discuss a project. Discovered huge stash of devil weed in my car, and disposed of it all by burning and inhaling. Was loopy for quite some time afterwards.

Saturday: Went and blew all money from recent freelance assignments on books, comics, DVDs. Will list these later when I remember what they were. One was a really shitty DC pocket-book reprint of some early '60s World's Finests. Still no word on BIG STAFF JOB I am gunning for; dead certain I will not get it. Sat around and read, watched movies, prepared materials for D&D game that no one will ever play. Cried self to sleep.

Sunday: Headed to the park with rum_holiday for day-long bash under the tent. Ate delicious food, grilled Molokai ribs on new Indonesian clay grill, smoked more illegal narcotics, was paid a visit by three threatening bike cops, had lovely conversations with friends, watched Mexican gang members hurl fireworks at each other, had pretty much perfect 4th of July holiday. Left early (well, 10:30, by which time I had already been there for 9 hours) due to incipient migraine which was not getting any better due to constant detonation of illegal fireworks. Bought PSM with preview feature of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" and had shuddering chain of geek orgasms.

Monday: Geek orgasm weekend continued as thaitea and I went to see Spider-Man 2. She liked it, I loved it. Wanted to see it again. Many more comments on it, but these will be saved for tonight's Ludic Log. Spent more money on books, DVDs. Watched Sweet Smell of Success; cackled "Burt Lancaster, you're such a BITCH!" at the screen. Screen did not reply. Read more comics, ate junky food, slept the sleep of the dead.

And how was your weekend, sexxxies?