August 2nd, 2004

flavored with age

Oh, how I loved to be loved by the lovely

I now have 100 people on my Friends list. Hello there, 100 people! I love you! I would take you off on my starcraft in the event of some sort of global catastrophe, if I had a starcraft or a global catastrophe. Anyway, hello, cheers to you all, and I wish my journal and website were better.

Here are pictures of things that came up when I did a Google search for "starcraft" and "global catastrophe". If someone were computer-savvy, a useful and entertaining thing might be to write a script that did image searches for particular words that one write in a journal or log entry. Could this be done? Or is it simply nonsensical voodoo no different than my wish to be as strong as the Thing? I'm sure I don't know.

I do know that this piece, in the London Independent, about how Saddam Hussein's interrogation is going, made me laugh.

Since inexplicable technical difficulties with my web page authoring software (see, I told you -- I am with the talking box as an ape man is with a Formula 1 racer) prevented me from updating the Ludic Log's Sausage page yesternight, herewith a summary of my delightful weekend:

- Friday night spent in the company of Lara & Jeff. The former took me out to a pre-birthday dinner at a new Carribean joint in Lincoln Square called "Toucan", where I had an extremely tasty shrimp kebab with bacon-wrapped banana. We talked about politics and personalities, then returned to her place where the three of us participated in my current favorite party game, taking the Harvard Dialect Survey.

- Saturday night spend in the company of Doug & Andrea (rum_holiday). Beer was drunk, as was Doug. Food was had, including a concoction that consisted of slices of kielbasa on little butter cookies, combinations of sweet round planks and cooked pork apparently being a culinary theme this weekend. More Harvard Dialect Survey fun, made more so by rum_holiday's goofball New England regionalisms. Some surprisingly potent buddha was meditated over, leading to my being rather fuzzy-mouthed the next morning. Also, Cities & Knights of Catan was played, and it's getting to the point that it's needless to say rum_holiday won both games. I was out of it completely in the second game, but she robbed Doug of his rather sizable early lead to win it handily; in the first game, I was dominant nearly the entire time and felt sure I had the win all sewed up when she completely torpedoed me to take the victory. I was also vouchsafed a pair of lovely early birthday gifts: a combination towel rack/bookshelf, similar to the point of identicality to the one (long coveted by me) in Doug & Andrea's bathroom, which I intend to give pride of place in my stinkhole apartment; and a copy of Peter Blegvad's surreal and entertaining "The Book of Leviathan".

- Sunday, a simple mission to go to the nearby franchise of the Minneapolis-based Slightly Less Evil Than Wal-Mart Superstores, Inc. in order to purchase Season 1 of the Justice League cartoon turned into something entirely other when I learned that there is no Season 1 of the Justice League cartoon, and that I apparently hallucinated the entire thing. I did, however, get some chewing gum, some crackers, and Season 1 of the Batman cartoon, proving I am 11 years old. thaitea and I then proceeded to the currency exchange for some financial nefarity and then, on the walk home (which included a stop at the video store, where I was further unable to make my imaginary Season 1 of the Justice League cartoon become reality), we discovered that a very big, very new, very cheap independent grocery store just opened in the big empty abandoned building where the Osco used to be. We loaded up on fine produce that cost next to nothing, including relative rarities like cherimoya and red guava, and staggered home in the oppressive heat fat but happy.

And now, today, I have a billion and a half (that's 1.5 billion, in your earth terms!) things to do in prep for my upcoming vay cay, including things I fully dread like going to a barber for the first time in 15+ years, finding and patronizing a tailor, and trying to track down a hatbox. Wish me godspeed.