August 3rd, 2004

flavored with age


1. People have too many children.

2. TV is loud and annoying.

3. I hate doing laundry very, very much.

4. People are rude and discourteous, even when it doesn't confer upon them any advantage.

5. I really need to get rid of things more often. I mean, for real. This Public Enemy baseball tee? The fucking thing is seriously fifteen years old. This Antietam shirt? Eleven years old. Antietam isn't even together anymore. And it's not like I haven't accumulated other t-shirts in the meantime. It's not like these are the only shirts I have. It's fucking ridiculous. I continue washing pillowcases that have a huge long tear along one side. It's a sickness.
flavored with age

And now, some impenetrable IM-based philosophy humor

Used without permission of fiberpunk, who I'm sure has other things to worry about.

theludickid: I think it's amazing that the French idolize Barthes. He was (a) fat (b) gay and (c) a philosopher. The closest we get to that over here is Bruce Vilanch.
CLCGamma: I admire the European admiration for academics. I wonder how much longer it will last, as we fill their television sets.
theludickid: Well, they did invent "Big Brother", so I'd say the decline and fall has already begun.
CLCGamma: there's a tradeoff there, too
CLCGamma: sartre got way more attention than was good for him
CLCGamma: god knows bertrand russell let it go to his head.
CLCGamma: i can only imagine what would happen if robert goddamn nozick started showing up on the Today Show.
theludickid: It was pretty funny when Marshall Blonsky got that gig as Spy Magazine's Semiotician-in-Residence, but that was about a half-second blip on the cultural radar.
theludickid: I dunno, maybe we can get Donna Haraway a sitcom
theludickid: "The Cyborg Next Door"
CLCGamma: that's supposed to happen when we get all our channels
CLCGamma: when you can turn on the TV and say, "Show me someone working on a boat made of... poplar."
theludickid: Ha.
CLCGamma: there'll be a version of Total Request Live hosted by Saul Kripke
theludickid: "Your Request, In Actuality, Is Far From Total" with Saul Kripke
CLCGamma: hah!
CLCGamma: "When you name Three Doors Down, are you referring to some special property that the members of Three Doors Down possess?"
theludickid: "'Everybody Loves Raymond' is an Unfalsifiable Hypothesis"
CLCGamma: i can't wait until I get to watch Martha Nussbaum update somebody's wardrobe.