September 10th, 2004

flavored with age

Things from my walk to work this morning

1. A couple of Streets & San guys were picking up trash at California Park this morning, using those little claws-on-a-stick. As I walked past, one of them was tossing an empty Corona box and the other was emptying a Corona bottle. I said "Good morning, gentlemen!" And at the exact same time, they both yelled "CORONA!" This was the second-happiest event of the day.

2. As I walked past Gordon Tech, the football team crowded past me, and I could not help but notice that at least five of them looked pretty much exactly like 'Lump' in The Ladykillers. "There's no I in team!"

3. My iPod made a funky transition from the end credits of Blade Runner to Donna Summer's "I Feel Love". The funky thing was, it was an almost imperceptible transition! I mean, they BLENDED, yo. I guess 'cause Vangelis was more or less locked into a Giorgio Moroder mode at that point. Anyway, it had stupid flow and really sounded good. So now, if I had any musical talent, I would make a mashup/mix of the two songs. But since I don't, maybe I will write some poems that contain the words "Donna Summer" and "Blade Runner".