September 16th, 2004

flavored with age

You've got to Hideout your love away

Had a super-swell time at the Hideout last night seeing Funny Ha-Ha, a reading/performance of some top-shelf humor co-hosted by the talented John Green and my pal Claire Zulkey. The Hideout has long been one of my favorite bars in all of Chic (shout out to datlowen!), so it's always good to go there for any reason, because, you know, Point Special in cans. But the reading itself was quite excellent and very successful.

Local sketch comedy troupe Schadenfreude (Sunday nights at 8:30PM on WBEZ 91.5, for all you Chicago heads) did a handful of pieces which were amusing and occasionally disgusting, and the last of which featured one of the most wow punches I've heard in a while. Plus, as part of the performance, I got five bucks from a guy with cancer! So not bad. sometimes it pays to sit in the front row. Kevin Guilfoile, co-author of My First Presidentiary, read an excellent bit of political humor; and Amy Krouse Rosenthal, of whom I've been a fan since way back in the Might days, read some excerpts from her upcoming book, which I'm looking forward to getting just on the strength of what she read. Nathan Rabin from the Onion's AV Club busted his reading cherry with a pair of swell pieces; Claire's fella Steve Delahoyde of Irritable Colon rocked the house as usual with his short films (including several terrific ones I hadn't seen before); and Mark Bazer, with whom I was not familiar, read a couple of bits (about wearing a maxi-pad and trying to get his wife addicted to drugs) which were pretty swell. Hosts John Green and Claire Zulkey closed it up, and John read a killer piece about getting a colonoscopy that slew despite his looking like he was gonna shake himself to death.

The joint was absolutely packed -- biggest turnout I've ever seen for a reading at the Hideout -- due largely to the hard work of Ms. Zulkey, who is one dedicated motherfucker. It was good to see a bunch of pals there (including kp3000 and his lovely wife, and Annie Logue and her lovely husband). I also got to see the illustrious Dr. Hot Pants, Claire's friend Claire who looks a lot like Claire (yeah, I too found it very upsetting), and Wendy McClure of Pound, among other local luminaries of the laff trade. I am, of course, also pals with some of the readers, and it's good to have smart, funny friends, because it's not like I have a lot else goin' on.

Hey, John and Claire: do this again!

P.S.: Remember when you could write about your friends without having to include six million hyperlinks? Me neither.

P.P.S.: I was going to write something about how I wish the Ramones would stop dying, but it's pretty much too late now. All the good ones are gone.
flavored with age


Speaking of my good friends, Lara just got back from a trip to the Yukon (Yukon!), and she drank a glass of straight whiskey with a fuckin' toe in it! I guess she didn't so much drink it willingly after much deliberation as she was dragged out of her room in the middle of the night and forced to drink it, but still, man, SHE DRANK WHISKEY WITH A GODDAMN TOE IN IT! How fucking cool is Lara?

Seriously, man. A fuckin' toe. She drank whiskey containing a toe.

Bad-ass! I love my friends.
flavored with age

Somethin' stupid

I'm about to go to bed (see, doraphilia, I do sleep sometimes), but I just wanted to say, I'm in one good-ass mood right now. How come for why? Because one of my friends just got back from the Yukon and told me a bunch of outstanding stories about it. Because I got some pretty solid writing done tonight. Because tomorrow the sun will shine and I will walk through the park and over the river on the way to work. Because I just spent two hours on the phone talking about stuff I like talking about with someone I like talking to. And because I'm listening to "The Show" by Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew, and because Slick Rick is still the ruler, y'all. I hope some of you are having the lovely night that I've had, especially if you had the shitty day I had.

OBLIGATORY POLITICAL CONTENT: "The [Kerry] campaign isn't in chaos, it's a political campaign responding to eighty thousand swirling currents and finding it difficult to run against what is essentially a criminal syndicate." (The Blogging of the President)

Monday: I get my ticket to Phila. 215 in the house, seen.