October 1st, 2004

flavored with age

Icon update

I didn't get a chance to update my icons, because of the debate, a harsh freelance deadline and a long phone call to a cute girl in Minnesota. But HA HA you motherfuckers totally cheated to make "Country Cousins" win, and I love you for it! They'll go up over the weekend. You won't be sorry you rigged this election.
flavored with age

Also, motherfucker FORGOT POLAND! Ass!

Two very odd things about Bush's story about hanging around with a war widow:

1. His claim that he wasn't quite sure how he could "give her enough love". What is with Bush's obsession with giving love to the lay-teez? Combine this with his from-Mars claim that OB-GYNs can't give their patients enough love because of malpractice insurance costs, and you start to wonder if the guy is a porn freak or something.

2. His claim that when they were discussing her husband's sacrifice, "we teared up, and we cried, and we laughed a little too". Because, you know, it's actually pretty funny, if you think about it.
flavored with age

New icons! Fucking finally!

Howdy, country cousins! The default is Mr. Roy Acuff of Maynardsville, TN (1903-1992), the founding father of the Grand Ole Opry, leader of the Smoky Mountain Boys, and the most successful publisher and executive in country music. Nashville exists largely because of Roy, and as Uncle Tupelo so nicely put it, "Play me a song that everybody knows/I bet you it belongs to Acuff-Rose".

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