October 18th, 2004

flavored with age

Jesus Christ Superwhore

Apologies for these mass updates, but until we know for sure whether we're going to move, and then actually get moved -- that is, until early November -- my shed-yool will be a bit frenzied. Also apologies for how spotty the quality of the writing has been of late. Anyway, the last few days of the Ludic Log:

THURSDAY: You got your rap in my philosophy! You got your philosophy in my rap!

FRIDAY: A special Fotoblog Friday starring everyone's favorite Legionnaire, Mon-El!

SATURDAY: Lists and sausage day, featuring a set of lists for mature audiences only!

SUNDAY: A boring link!
flavored with age

Today's baffling AP headline

From Yahoo!'s front page, off the AP wires:

Germany, Poland Fail to Resolve WWII Fight

You know, I'm no historian or anything, but I think that fight was resolved about 65 years ago, and pretty one-sidedly at that.