November 4th, 2004

flavored with age

Look, I'm laughing at morons again! Normalcy has been restored.

1. More evidence (from his victory speech) that Dick "The Iraq War Was Brilliant" Cheney inhabits a different planet than the rest of us:

"This has been a consequential presidency which has revitalized our economy and reasserted a confident American role in the world."

2. Dana Rohrabacher, batshit congressman from Orange County, gets boozed up on election night and shows the delusional-frat-boy side of G.O.P. politics:

"We just saved America! Kick ass! America is back! Bin-Laden is history! What does this election mean? The people of the United States don’t care if the people of Germany and France are behind us. We are totally leading the world to a tremendous tomorrow! It means we’re going to keep God in the pledge! People expect honest leadership, and...they know where they can go. George W. Bush is back to the White House! The people in Afghanistan are going to enjoy democracy! It’s a peaceful world!"

(Thanks to DNR for both of these.)