December 6th, 2004

flavored with age

Weekend supersuckin'

Actually, that's not true. The weekend did not entirely suck. I got to talk to my gal, I met some deadlines and picked up some possible future freelance work, and I went to rum_holiday's holiday smorgasbord, which was delightful as always -- indeed, possibly the best one yet, even though I unwittingly consumed a Bud Lite. Andrea has smart friends, and is a good cook and a good host, and I probably don't tell her enough how swell it is being her friend, so there it is in cool print. Thanks for helping my weekend not be a total loss, A.!

Countering the sweet time I had at the OK Corral was the fact that I worked a 60-hour shift last week, I got very little sleep over the weekend, and I'm even broker than ever thanks to having dropped $1500 on the Chickwagon, which had a major meltdown Friday night. thaitea helped out tremendously, and the mechanics I went to were pretty solid and did fine work, but man. This had to happen at Christmastime. You suck, Car God.

Other doings: finally converted the last of my cassettes to mp3 format, and am having fun listening to stuff I lived on in the mid- and late '80s in shiny digital form on my brand new iPod, Misty II (R.I.P., Misty I); picked up some new CDs (Ghostface Killah's "Pretty Toney Album", which I love; the Auteurs' "How I Learned to Love the Bootboys", which I like more than I thought I would; Okkervil River's "Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See" and Electric Wizard's "Dopethrone", which I haven't listened to yet; and a review copy of Shivaree's "Who's Got Trouble?", which I didn't like); did some non-freelance writing; made a big fat delicious slab of corned beef; and nursed the tension headache I got because of my car woes. And how was your weekend, darlings?