December 14th, 2004

flavored with age

Jesus Christ Superwhore II: Back from the Dead

I played me some ketchup on the Ludic Log last night! Go see:

Thursday, a status update.
Friday, the return of Deez Nooz.
Saturday, lists and sausage.
Sunday, a link (warning! kinda political!).
Monday, the never-ending quest for validation of one's genius.

For anyone who requested Christmas CDs, the first batch goes out today. And the suggestion/request box is still open for Ludic Log Holiday Week, which begins a week from yesterday.
flavored with age

Wellity well

Prescient words from my psychic girlfriend, ninafarina: "Boomboxes are like cars. Once they break down, they never get better again."

My car, the formerly trusty ChickWagon, which careful readers may recall I just spend $1500 having repaired, is dead. Deceased. Com-pletely murdered. As in, won't start. Now, it's possible that the mechanics thought that I was giving them the $1500 as a Christmas gift, and if that's the case, obviously the error is mine for not being more clear: I was, in fact, giving them the $1500 to fix my car, so that it would run again.

Somehow, though, this has not been accomplished. All the symptoms point to a dead battery: it won't start, it won't begin to turn over, and not a single light goes on when when I crank it -- not even the remote unlocking device function. That spells dead battery. Now, on the upside, a dead battery is easy to fix; and if it's just that, I won't have to spend any more money I don't have and spend any more time arguing with mechanics. But on the downside, how do you do $1500 worth of repairs to a car, including a tuneup so thorough that you discover the brakes (which were not in any way involved in the car's breakdown) need replacing, and not bother to check the battery level? Even I know to check the battery charge, and I know next to nothing about cars.

I guess I'll find out by this afternoon whether to be infuriated or simply annoyed.
flavored with age

Car Update

Well, it ain't the battery -- never_fear came over to give me a jump, we popped the trunk, and there's a brand-spankin'-new battery in there. When I gunned it during the jump, the interior lights came on, the headlights flared, and it completely failed to turn over.

So now I'm sitting at home waiting for another tow truck to arrive. A tow truck which, when I called the mechanics, they asked if I was covered by AAA. I said "'re not charging me for this, are you?" The mechanic's reply: "Well, no, not if it's my fault. But if it's something new, of course we have to charge you for it."

What could possibly be 'new' that needs repairing? I haven't driven the car since I got it back from them the first time.

Gaaaah. This really fucking sucks. I do not have money for MORE auto repair, and I am not looking forward to screaming at these guys that they better not charge me for some shit they should have done in the first place.