January 4th, 2005

flavored with age

Why won't you go OFF

Dear the "Service Engine Soon" light on my car,

You're a LIAR! You LIE! You are a DIRTY STINKING DISSIMULATOR! You tell an ORANGE, GLOWING UNTRUTH! You make the world SICK with your LIES! You are a SHINING BEACON OF FALSEHOOD on my otherwise pristine dashboard! Oh, I hate you so much!

yours in a hapless access of frustration,
flavored with age


Oh, boy, what a plethora of fun I have for you today!

First of all, remember a while back, when I was tryin' to get y'all Chicago heads to come to Claire Zulkey and John Green's "Funny Ha Ha" gig at my favorite bar, the Hideout? Because there was gonna be readings by deeply stoopit funny people like Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Nathan Rabin, Steve Delahoyde, and Kevin Guilfoile? AND YOU DIDN'T COME AND IT TOTALLY ROCKED ASS ALL OVER THE BURGER KING PARKING LOT? (Okay, some of you came, but still.)

Well guess what! No, don't guess, I'll just tell you, for Christ's sake, otherwise we'll be here all day. There's going to be ANOTHER ONE! Cleverly titled "Funny Ha Ha II"! Which is "funny ha ha two", not "funny ha ha I I", if you don't read Latin. Anyway, this one is Wednesday, January 26th, at the Hideout, between 8:00 and 10:00PM. It's a mere five bones to attend, and this one is guaranteed to be ten billion times better than the last one! Why? BECAUSE I'M READING, YA DIMWITS! So get out there and show me some drunken love, it would mean a lot to this creaky-kneed ol' gent.

Also, here's some new things you can read on the Ludic Log!

Wednesday: new giant radioactive monsters for a new Japan!
Thursday: keeping your resolutions the Mafia way!
Friday: a disgustingly maudlin New Year's message!
Saturday: Two stoned dickwads discuss the top stories of 2004!
Sunday: a link to bitchy comments about the clothes cartoon characters wore in the 1970s!
Monday: more boring lists of my grotesquely outsized CD collection!

Have fun with it, you crazy kids.
flavored with age

With us in Spirit

Will Eisner is dead.

There's about nobody in the history of comics who did more to establish the legitimacy and viability of the medium, and about nobody more worthy of the respect of anyone who loves the form.

Rest in peace.