January 13th, 2005

flavored with age


Today's Ludic Log: by popular demand (yes, some people actually asked for these, I'm not just being lazy), more golden greats from my years on the music boards: music and movies gone horribly wrong.
flavored with age

Heil Harry!

Okay, I'm glad that everyone is busting on Prince Harry's ass for wearing a Nazi armband and all. That's just as it should be. We had a name for obnoxious, overpriveleged, good-looking guys who flirted with Nazi imagery back in my day, and that name didn't so much rhyme with "chintz" as it did with "grasshole".

But I think it's slightly curious that the press coverage seems to focus on how outraged the Jews are, to the extent that it's almost turned into, I dunno, a Jewish issue, or something. Because, sure, the Jews have more right than anyone to be prickly about the whole Nazi thing, but...Hitler actually attacked England, too. Remember the Blitz? Remember the Battle of Britain? Remember all those invasion plans that Hitler was drawing up for Scapa Flow and Southend? I mean, shit, I'd be pissed if I was a Jew. But I'd be SUPER MEGA PISSED if I was just a normal English goy, as well, because here's the goddamn heir to the throne of my country boogieing down in the regalia of the motherfuckers who tried to invade my ass 60 years ago! Shit, Harry, those fuckin' Nazis were trying to KILL YOUR GRANDMA!

flavored with age

Everybody loves polls! Right?

What is your favorite brand of ginger ale?

Schweppes, because it's a classic dry ginger ale.
Canada Dry, because it's bland and inoffensive like Canada.
Vernor's, because it's a tasty golden ginger ale that makes you cough.
I buy whatever ginger ale is cheapest, because I am a cheap bastard.
I buy store brands, because it's all the same crap.
Sussex, Buffalo Rock, Ale-8-One, or some other regional ginger ale, because I am a provincial contrarian.
Cott's, Tom Tucker, or one of those crappy mint ginger ales, because I suck.
I make my own ginger ale at home somehow.
I hate ginger ale and would never buy it in a billion years.
This is without question the stupidest poll you've ever done.