January 25th, 2005

flavored with age


Today's Ludic Log: do I have the sheer stones to whore out a web site entry that is, itself, nothing but a big whore-out for another thing I'm doing? Do you really need to ask?
flavored with age


This fun little clip is making the rounds (thanks, jtron). To me, the fascinating thing isn't that the Fox anchor loses her shit at the mere suggestion that the President's inauguration was a tad elaborate under the circumstances; after all, being apologists for the Republican Party is the whole raison d'etre of the FOX news network. It isn't even the hilarious claim that the inauguration is a celebration of "the peaceful transition to democracy"; sure, that's a complete delusion -- not even the GOP is claiming there'll be a peaceful transition to democracy in Iraq, and even if there was, why would you celebrate it before it actually happens? -- but it's no more or less delusional than a hundred other things that spill out of FOX anchor's mouths on a daily basis.

No, the really funny part is when, bristling at her guest's suggestion that the $40 mil spent on the festivities might be better used to aid our troops in Iraq, the anchor notes that (a) they had a big party the troops could attend for FREE, and (b) the President PRAYED for them! He had a PRAYER BREAKFAST and everything!

Look, you stupid goddamn liberals! The president threw some of the soldiers a party, AND he PRAYED for them! WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? THERE'S ONLY SO MUCH ONE MAN CAN DO!
flavored with age

And while I'm pointlessly kvetching

This AP headline made me laugh:

Germany vows to remember Nazi crimes

Okay, I know what it's about -- it's a very noble "we will never forget this shameful chapter in our history" bit -- but the headline, I dunno, the way it's phrased, it sorta reads like the already forgot, and they've, you know, vowed to remember. Like "Uncle Hank vows to remember where he left his keys".

"We, the people of Germany, know that there WERE some Nazi crimes. We can't exactly recall what they were, but we feel certain they were very serious, and we vow here this day, on our national honor and our individual strength of character, to go to the library later today and look them up. We will not rest until we ask Old Franz down at the tire shop if he happens to remember them. And before God and the community of nations, this we swear: we're going to write them down this time, and put them someplace where we won't lose them again, so we don't have to go through this whole big thing every couple of years."