February 2nd, 2005

flavored with age


Okay, my plan to catch up on a week's worth of Ludic Log entries last night was stymied by having other actual work to do, but I did manage to do a couple of them and will finish the rest tonight if all goes well. Big announcement comes tomorrow, on the day of the three-year anniversary. So here you are, go nuts:

Last Wednesday: all stars, no wars.
Thursday: stereotypes for a new era.
Friday: alien lanes.
Saturday: links and sausage.
Sunday: a link for all you fans of fascism.

Warning: none of these are very good.
flavored with age

More fun with AP headlines

Chertoff pledges to weigh civil liberties

He pledges to weigh civil liberties. He vows to take our fundamental human rights under consideration. The most sacred principles of freedom and equality, on which the very country he is pledged to defend was founded? He'll think about them.

Between this, Condi Rice's claim that she is "aware" that it's "important" to have good diplomatic relationships with other countries, and Alberto Gonzalez assuring the public that his torture advocacy days are behind him, this administration has really raised the bar for lowered expectations. Coming up next: the new head of the FCC boldly states at his conformation hearing that he will "almost definitely not" use government funds to go on a tri-state whoring spree.
flavored with age


From the "Maybe This Would Have Been a Good Time NOT To Mouth Off" Files:

Third Suspect Charged in Actress' Slaying

By TOM HAYS, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - A third suspect was arrested Wednesday in the fatal shooting of an aspiring actress who confronted a group of muggers with: "What are you going to do, shoot us?"

Ashley Evans, 18, was picked up on murder and other charges by New York detectives in Maryland, where she had fled to stay with relatives, police said. An arraignment on murder and other charges was scheduled for later Wednesday.

Police described Evans as a friend of the alleged shooter, 19-year-old Rudy Fleming. Tatianna McDonald, 14, also has been charged with murder.

The suspects allegedly were in a group that accosted Nicole duFresne, 28, her fiance and another couple on Jan. 27 after they left a bar on Manhattan's Lower East Side, known for hip nightspots.

Witnesses said that after the suspects demanded money and grabbed for the other woman's purse, duFresne intervened, asking: "What are you going to do, shoot us?"