February 4th, 2005

flavored with age

Pre-Employent Metal Health Screening

Please answer "strongly agree", "somewhat agree", "neither agree nor disagree", "somewhat disagree" or "strongly disagree".

1. I am an axe-grinder.
2. I am a piledriver.
3. Mama says that I never, ever mind her.
4. I have got no brains.
5. I am insane.
6. Teachers often tell me that I am one big pain.
7. I am like a laser.
8. I am like a six-string razor.
9. I have a mouth not dissimilar to that of an alligator.
10. I tend to want things louder, and with more power.
11. Ten years from now, I can see myself rocking it until it strikes the hour.
12. I am sometimes frustrated.
13. I often feel outdated.
14. It is my ambition someday to be overrated.
15. As a rule, I am a finder, and I am also a keeper.
16. I don't think of myself as a loser.
17. I ain't no weeper.
18. One of my best qualities is my ability to have the boys to make the noise.
19. I won't ever let up, and I hope it annoys you.
20. I enjoy inviting people to join the pack.
21. It would make me happy for you to feel the crack.
22. I feel that once you're here, there's no way back.
23. Banging one's head can wake the dead.
24. Being metal-mad is sometimes all you have.
25. I think that the bad boys are going to set you right and rock you, rock you, rock you.