February 21st, 2005

flavored with age

Weak End update

1. Friday: Cities & Knights of Catan at the OK Corral. As usual, rum_holiday whaled on our asses, winning two out of three and completely dominating game #2 (I was pretty competitive in game #1, but as is often the case, she closed before I did, because she is a shark). However, I won the last game despite her constant nipping at my heels, and since winning the last game is always the most important thing, I am claiming however unreasonably that the night belonged to ME ME ME.

2. Saturday: Got a package with a late, late, late late but still super-awesome Christmas present from mckennl. It's some kind of evil Negative-Zone Space Ghost! thaitea set up his little desk and posed him like his doing the card-tapping thing, and put his extra hand (he comes with an extra hand) in his coffee cup, which looks very disturbing. Thanks, Lizabelle! You're awesome.

3. Saturday night: Did a reading at Quimby's Queer Store for the release party of Sanitary & Ship, a spiffy little 'zine to which I am a contributor. Although I was inexplicably exhausted, a good time was had by all -- some of my favorite lit-'zine-'scene-teens were there, including Brandon Wetherbee, Emerson Dameron and Kate Sandler. thaitea and toyman were kind enough to tag along; fun was had, beer was drunked, smokes were smoked, all in the friendly environs of one of my very favorite bookstores. (As an aside: if you want a copy of Sanitary & Ship, drop me a line and some $ and I'll make sure you get it. It's a spiff likkle numbah. As an aside to the aside, I'll be reading again at Mojoe's Cafe as part of the Diatribe Media ongoing small press/self-publisher's reading series, next Saturday night, so come say hidee, why don't you?)

4. Sunday morning: Went off to Loyola to record a new edition of Under Surveillance with Kevin Fullam, a radio show on which I have been a frequent guest, discussing the intersection of pop culture and politics. This time around, the topic was the cultural backlash and how we seem at the moment to be in a rightward swing of the cultural pendulum; as usual, we went long, and Kevin decided to make the show a two-parter. If you missed last night's part 1, do listen in two weeks from yesterday at 8:30PM, on WLUW 88.7FM in Chicago or at http://www.wluw.org anywhere, for the second part. Walking to my car in the sleet around the Loyola campus made me slightly wistful, as I've always loved the campus atmosphere, and it made me somewhat regret not pursuing academics (or higher education of any kind). But only slightly. Also, they were getting rid of a whole shitload of books as they often do, and I snagged some pretty good ones for free, including David Brock's Blinded By the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative and a book of essays by Isaiah Berlin which looks pretty good.

5. Sunday afternoon: Did a bunch of reading (Isaiah Berlin, Herodotus, Raymond Chandler) and listened to Chains and Black Exhaust, an absolutely jaw-dropping collection of garage-funk and funk rock rarities from the early '70s that has quickly become one of my favorite albums. Later I headed up to GameSpot to take advantage of a BOGO used game sale they were having, and I picked up...for free(!)...KATAMARI DAMACY! Can I just say, holy shit? I mean, a bunch of you, including calamityjon and solipsiae, have told me how awesome and crazy this game is, but I had no idea how right you were. I mean, goddamn! The music! The way that animals flail around pathetically when you roll them up! The music! The fact that your dad is a total asshole! The music! This game is blowing my mind and I can't take it!

6. Monday morning: word reached the homestead that Hunter S. Thompson died. I know I'm joining a boring and ever-increasing choir of people to lament this on their LJs, and if you're sick of it already, I apologize. I'm also sorry if you didn't like him and don't care that he's dead, or if you're one of those people who thinks it's necessary to get angry with suicides and yell at them posthumously. But he was one of the very few writers in all of the world who I can honestly say meant something to me, whose work I sought out wherever I could find it, whose writing saved me from a wasted life, inspired me, engaged me, and made me think that I wasn't so alone. I don't know why he decided to take himself out, and I don't know as I really care. I know that I'll miss him.

7. Every day, all the time: ninafarina.
flavored with age

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