March 4th, 2005

flavored with age


Strange night last night at the Printer's Ball. (If you came and didn't see me, I'm not at all surprised -- I left about halfway through, and when I did, they were letting people in one at a time due to strict fire code restrictions and the line stretched halfway to LSD.) The sponsors (the good people at Poetry Magazine), I think, overadvertised it; there were way, way, WAY more attendees than there was product to give them. By the time I took off at 7:30, almost everybody but the big shots were out of journals, magazines, papers, or whatever they were giving away.

Also, I don't want to go into any detail here so as to salvage any precious scraps of dignity that I might have remaining, but suffice to say: driving in downtown Chicago, which is notable for both its total lack of parking and its total lack of public bathrooms, is a very unpleasant thing to do if you need very badly to take a whiz.

On the upside, I got some issues of Pindeldyboz into the hands of people who might not otherwise have known about it, I talked to a handful of writerly and editorial types, and I got free swag! Plus, the weather has had the good taste to climb from insanely fucking cold to unbelievably cold past pretty goddamn cold into the tolerable realm of merely cold, which has made my walks to work more bearable lately.

Now, if I can just take two out of three games of Catan tonight, I'll be sitting very pretty indeed.
flavored with age

Martian Manhunter of the Justice League of America

The Mercurial Mercenary of the Equity Squad of Armenia
The Venusian Vigilante of the Fairness Battalion of Vanuatu
The Terran Tracker of the Even-Handedness Bridade of Slovenia
The Jovial Jump-Bailer of the Impartiality Congregation of Canada
The Saturnine Sentinel of the Recompense Society of Mongolia
The Uranian Usurer of the Fair Play Association of Saudi Arabia
The Neptunian Nursemaid of the Due Process Fraternity of Myanmar
The Plutonian Paladin of the Rectitude Partnership of Lichtenstein
The Gaynmedean Guardsman of the Judicature Bunch of Lesotho
The Titanic Trusty of the Legitimacy Sodality of Western Samoa
flavored with age

More to Whore

Hey, Chicagoans and people not too far from Chicago! Another chance to see me, meet me, shake my hand.

This Saturday, March 5th at Mojoe's Cafe (2256 W. Roscoe, at Roscoe and Oakley), 7:30pm, I will be reading as part of the ongoing Diatribe Media series. It's usually tons o' fun, it's free as a bird, and some mighty fine people will be there, including Emerson Dameron, Kate Sandler, Brandon Wetherbee, and Aaron Cynic. The theme is the pleasingly vague "TRANSITIONS", and I'll be reading a couple of somethin's that will hopefully amuse and delight within that theme.

Best of all, if you show up, you'll get a FREE copy of Sanitary and Ship, the swell new fancy-bound 'zine featuring me and a bunch of other fine folks. Yes, you get a copy for FREE, instead of the eight bucks I've been charging people on streetcorners to leave them alone!

Mr. T says BE THERE.