March 17th, 2005

flavored with age

Erin go fuckin' bragh

The drunken Irish litterateurs of my icon set wish all of you a Happy St. Padraig's day. Except those of you who are not Irish, who can all rot in the glummest precincts of hell, ye haithen bastards.
flavored with age

DJ Jazzy James

Lileks, so far this week:

1. Wrote a column about how he had no ideas for a column. (To his credit, he admitted how deeply lame this is.)

2. Talked about how the Lebanese protestors trying to get Syria out of the country are really hot.

3. Noted that if he had to choose between Berlioz and John Williams, he'd probably pick Williams, because "Star Wars" is neat (this was wedged in Interminable Diatribe #74 about how 1970s Sci-Fi Ruined Everything for Everybody Forever).

4. Gloated about Paul Wolfowitz's nomination to head the World Bank, because apparently pissing off liberals is more important than putting someone competent in charge of one of the most important economic institutions in existence.

5. Does the world's worst impersonation of Tony Soprano.

6. Gnat, Gnat, Gnat, Gnat, Gnat.

7. Betrays his inexplicable belief that Dennis "My Son Is Friends with Negroes" Prager is as famous as Dave Barry. Believing Dave Barry is famous is odd enough; believing Dennis Prager is even on that tepid level of fame just shows that Jim-Jam needs to get out more.
flavored with age

How famous Irish-Americans are celebrating the holiday

"I'm seeing The Pacifier! Vin Diesel is DYNAMITE!"

"I'll be performing at the Lucky Leprechaun Casino & Indoor Water Park in Sioux Falls, SD, three shows daily. 'Alone Again Naturally' is in the second encore, so stick around!"

"I wanna get together with some white guys and have them tell me how the Irishman was once called 'the nigger of of Europe'. Then we will laugh and laugh and laugh."

"I plan on celebrating the rampaging right-wing pseudo-populism that has gripped the nation, and fondly recalling the fourteen seconds when I was part of it."

"Oh, I reckon I'll just spend the day brainwashing your children, poisoning your family, destroying the environment, and cackling maniacally on a huge mountain of cash, same as I do every year. Happy St. Patrick's Day! And don't forget to buy a Shamrock Shake!"