March 30th, 2005

flavored with age

The Cold Six Thousand

Leonard Pierce, fat halfbreed, book-smart takes him one step past trailer trash. Shitkicker boots and flannels, walking to work. He reads James Ellroy. He likes James Ellroy. He can't seem to stop reading James Ellroy.

Buzz-fizz in his head. Chain jangles as he walks. Bad tension. The Ellroy is getting to him. Sentences short, choppy, mean. Decends into self-parody. Reads like a goof on itself. Spic on a street-sweeper almost runs Pierce over as he turns the page on a city park driveway. It's good, the Ellroy. But easy to riff on. Small words. Sentences with four words. Just like that one. Or that one. Not that one, though. But that one.

Ellroy keeps going. So does Pierce. He's got a date with an industrial press. Suddenly he's thinking like Ellroy writes. His brain is starting to narrate. In short sentences. Four words or less. Single-word sentences. All adjectives. Tall. Greasy. Sleepless. Unshaven. Pierce closes the book. That sentence: four words.
flavored with age

Another month down the sinker

How time flies! Like a pilot, a bird, an insect, or "you fools!". With March coming to an end on Friday, that means it's time for a brand-spanking new icon set, and as always, you get to feel like you're 'part of the process' by voting for what you'd like to see next to my name for the next month. Here's your choices:

- Pictures of male porn stars taken out of context
- Guns I have owned or would like someday to own
- Further forgotten cereal mascots of the past
- pop singers I really, really hate (warning! will offend some)
- strange and unusal book covers or titles

Please vote. If you don't make your feelings clear, how will I know when to unhook the car battery from your genitals?

Poll #464800 April's Icon Set

What icon set should I use next?

porn, porn and more porn
my favorite firearms
more goddamn cereal
crap singers
bizarre books
some other thing, which I will specify in the comments section
I do not now, nor will I ever, care about your stupid icon sets
I'm totally disenfranchised, dude
the Irish drunks should remain for another month
for consumer information regarding Coca-Cola products, please call 1-800-438-2653