April 6th, 2005

flavored with age

Look ma, no poll!

Saw the new Criterion issue of Night and the City last night, which kp3000 hipped me to ages ago but I've only now been able to get from Facets. It's really excellent, and highly recommended. Noir fans will like it because of the black-soaked, doomstruck tone; film geeks will dig on the excellent inky camerawork and the terrific London location filming; people who like movies with a ton of emotional punch will love the relationships between the gangster boss and his father, the hero and his girlfriend, and the nightclub owner and his wife; and fans of good acting will enjoy some top-shelf performances by Richard Widmark and Herbert Lom. Also, for wrestling fans, or just people who like incredibly raw, visceral physical movement in film, there's a lengthy and painful wrestling match between Mike Mazurki, playing a drunken professional wrestler, and Stan Zybyszko (who was 71 years old when he did this, his first and only acting role, and who is really magnificent), playing an old-school Greco-Roman guy, that ranks as one of the best fight scenes I've ever seen.
flavored with age

We haven't taken a peek at Town Hall in a while...

Diana West: the difference between Americans and Muslims is that we value our children's lives, while they only like their children if they are killing, being killed or stealing.

Rich Lowery: Why does everyone use "theocrat" like it's a dirty word? After all, the Pope was a theocrat, and we'd all have been happy with him as president, right?

Dennis Prager: In a piece with the frightening title "The Left's battle to restore chaos: Judeo-Christian values: Part X", I will attempt to prove that the left, with their moral relativism, are turning us into animals and causing chaos to reign over humanity for all time.

Mike Adams: I hate women. Give me some money.

By the way, Town Hall is no longer a wholly owned subsidiary of the Heritage Foundation, so they're having a big pledge drive to raise money to stay afloat. Expect lots of pop-ups and begging letters from Ben Shapiro about how he needs $250,000 to continue explosing the leftist brainwashing of students in America.
flavored with age

Baseball names

My early voting for the All-Name Team for MLB 2005:

National League
Roman Colon (ATL)
Nate Bump (FLA)
Yhency Brazoba (LA-N)
Chase Utley (PHI)
Ty Wiggington (PIT)
Yorvit Torrealba (SF)
Terrmel Sledge (WAS)

American League
Ross Gload (CHI-A)
Coco Crisp (CLE)
Nook Logan (DET)
Chone Figgins (LA-A)
Nick Swisher (OAK)
J.J. Putz (SEA)
Vinnie Chulk (TOR)