May 20th, 2005

flavored with age

Town Hall!

A few weeks ago, I somehow managed to miss this amazing article by Brian McNicoll. It's probably the most ridiculous piece of writing about evolution I have encountered outside of openly religious literature, and makes the following hilarious arguments:

- that Galileo was the victim of "scientists of the day" who "assumed that they knew the truth", rather than of religious fanatics who convicted him of heresy

- that Darwinists believe that "we can close the book on the subject of the origin of life", rather than simply that we can close the book on the notion that a magician from Heaven is responsible

- that really, there's no way to prove evolutionary theory, because "none of us was there" at the creation of life

- that STD rates amongst teenagers are up (they're down), and that "kids who have received a strong abstinence message" have less incidence of teen pregnancy and STDs (they don't)

- that Darwin would have rejected the idea that Darwinism should be used as the model for teaching biology, since, after all, he was a seminarian

- that scientists would be reduced to stammering evasion if you were to ask them how two apes were able to mate and produce a living, thinking, moral human being, even though no Darwinist in the world claims this is what happened

- that even though evolutionists say it's not that simple and that the notion that humans and apes have a common ancestor doesn't mean homo sapiens is the result of two monkeys mating, "the fact is, it is exactly that simple", and until scientists can produce the "missing link", evolutionary theory just doesn't wash

I mean, okay, this is all boilerplate Christian ignoramus stuff, but I'm not used to seeing it come out of the conservative mainstream; it's usually coming from some dingbat yelling from the bed of his truck through a megaphone.

Also, there's a funny piece by the CEO of Town Hall about how they're ending their partnership with, because (gasp!) MeetUp has started charging for their services! For some reason, this has infuriated both Town Hall's readers and their management, and they're going to kick MeetUp to the curb. Why they're so outraged by this is not explained -- aren't these clowns hardcore capitalists? Don't they worship the free market? Isn't their whole goddamn raison d'etre that people should charge whatever they wish for the goods and services they sell? I mean, if they want to start their own service that doesn't charge (except for all the ads you have to look at), fine -- and in fact that's exactly what they're doing. Nothing un-conservative about starting a competing business. But it's hard to understand why they're displaying this knee-jerk horror at the very notion of a business charging for their services. How Republican are they, anyway?