May 24th, 2005

flavored with age

Reexperience the miracle of childbirth (labor pains only)

Subject line of a dick-strenghtener spam e-mail I got this morning:

"Relive puberty (the sex part)"

Wow! What a sale! A chance to relive the sexual aspects of puberty, WHO WOULDN'T JUMP AT THAT! Why, it was a golden age! Absolutely and without question the single clear pick as time of my life I'd most like to relive: that's puberty!
flavored with age

"Like soldiers in some insane war"

Hey, smarty-head pop culture wallowers: I'm working on an article to pitch to a national magazine, the subject of which is hysterical pop-cultural portrayals of youth-culture trends. The more hysterical the treatment (and the more harmless the trend), the better. Here's what I got so far:

- Reefer Madness
- Rona Jaffe's Mazes and Monsters
- the punk rock episode of "Quincy, M.E."
- the punk rock episode of "C.hI.P.S."
- the Newsweek article about rap from the late '80s
- a handful of movies from the '60s about hippies, especially Wild in the Streets
- Richard Allen's alarmist pulp novels about mods, rockers and punks (Suedehead, Punk, Skinhead, etc.)

My question to you is: what else should I use? I'd especially be interested in any alarmist popcult about rap, metal, or geek subcultures (hackers, sci-fi, Wicca, etc.). It has to have the tinge of moral panic about it (that is, the reaction must be way, WAY overblown compared to the provocation), and it shouldn't be non-fiction; I'm only looking for pop cultural portrayals.

Help me out and I'll spend some of the money I get buying you beer. (Also, if anyone HAS Richard Allen's books, the book -- not the movie -- of Mazes & Monsters, or the punk rock episode of "C.hI.P.S.", I'd love to borrow/buy them. I got all the other stuff.)
flavored with age


Okay, because I'll be at my girlfriend's sister's wedding, I'm going to miss the Printer's Row Book Fair this year, but...

Tuesday through Friday is the RELIGIOUS BOOKSELLERS EXPO at the Pheasant Run resort in St. Charles, IL! Who's with me?