June 17th, 2005

flavored with age

Deez nooz

flavored with age

Clown Hall

I think it's time to quit fighting the Guantanamo fight. America doesn't care, the G.O.P. are going to scratch and claw every step of the way, and the detentions are only going to end when we get bored with feeding those guys every day, or Cuba hikes the rent too much. The consensus seems to be that there's no need to find out if any given detainee is guilty or innocent, that there's nothing incongruous about a war being fought for freedom using the tactics of dictatorship, and that torture is only torture when it's REALLY BAD torture committed by a non-American. So sorry, detainees! We tried. Enjoy the rest of your lives.

Also, here's something funny David Limbaugh said in his latest column (which, incidentally, can be exactly dated to 1968, if you just replace all the instances of the words "Iraq" and "terrorism" with "Viet Nam" and "communism"):

Has this once honorable party [the Democrats] completely forgotten what happened on 9-11, when we were attacked without provocation -- before we attacked Iraq, by the way?

Got it? Those horrible terrorists attacked us before we even attacked Iraq! Your mission: discern why this has any relevance whatsoever.

Elsewhere in Town Hall, self-appointed spokesman for 'The Porn Generation' Ben Shapiro trumpets the news that he is a virgin and proud of it, prior to blaming all of society's current ills on sex education, rap music, Madonna, and Friends.
flavored with age

The Week Ahead

Things to do this weekend: buy a bubble tea. Go see Star Wars III: Dark Revenge of the Evil Darth Sith finally for a freelance piece I was supposed to do on it about two months ago. Undergo a mysterious medical procedure. Interview Rachid Taha, "The Algerian Johnny Cash". Go see Batman Begins to Interest Me, Strangely. Transcribe interview with Kid Koala. Drink beer. Go to rum_holiday's Tin Chef 7-11 Challenge and learn if an edible gourmet meal can be made out of ingredients purchased at a 7-11. Hang out with friends. Drink more beer. Think about awesome girlfriend. Gaze wistfully at mailbox in hopes freelance checks appear inside. Buy and consume cereal flakes. Continue cleaning house and writing more patio sale press materials.
flavored with age

Summer movies are lookin' GOOD!

War of the Batmans
Batman Rebounds
De batman mon Coeur s’est arrêté
Julie Batman
The Batmanstic Four
Charlie and the Batman Factory
Bad News Batmans
Last Days of Batman
9 Songs About Batman
The Aristobats
The Dukes of Battman
The Underbatman
Deuce Batman: European Gigolo
Four Batmans
The 40-Year-Old Batman
The Batmans Grimm
Must Love Batman
The (Bat) Man
The Exorcism of Emily Batman