July 25th, 2005

flavored with age

Patio Sale by the numbers

Amount of money we made: $162
Percentage of this amount that came from selling CDs: 92%
Amount for which I sold CDs: $1
Number of CDs I still have to sell: 500+
Number of hours I spent on my back patio this weekend: 24
Average temperature on my back patio yesterday: 102 degrees
Number of beers I drank yesterday: 11
Number of beers I drank yesterday before noon: 8
Time at which a guy walked down the alley and asked me if I had any beer: 7:43AM
Number of people who came to the patio sale: 18
Number of people who came more than once: 5
Number of people who did not buy anything: 1

Most of the people were friends or acquaintances of mine, but still, if nothing else, I unloaded a ton of CDs and the rest of the stuff is going to the Howard Brown resale shop. So not bad! This week we have to do the final stages of the move, so it's gonna be busy; hopefully if the weather settles down a bit it won't kill us, though.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.