July 29th, 2005

flavored with age

WizardWorld: Pro vs. Con, the Geekening

- cheap HeroClix
- a chance to laugh at people
- probably get to see people I don't see often enough, like thevulgartrade and kp3000
- comics books
- a chance to meet George Lowe (Space Ghost), Frank Miller, Mick Foley, Alex Ross, Greg Rucka, Walt Simonson & Virgil
- a chance to punch Kevin Smith, Rob Liefeld and Joe Quesada
- a chance to meet and/or punch Brian Michael Bendis

- can't really afford it
- don't think my girl or her kid would really want to traipse around a geek-fest, thus forcing me to cram my WWing into a handful of hours Thurs. or Fri.
- don't think I really want to hang out at WizardWorld with my girl even if she didn't mind going
- don't use the HeroClix I have now
- comics books I want cost a jillion dollars
- assholes at Wizards of the Coast wouldn't give me a press pass this year
- spending my birthday at a comics/sci-fi convention a little too lame even for me

So I'm leaning pretty heavily towards no. God knows how many old copies of Blackhawk or Metamorpho I'm passing up in the bargain, though.

(EDITED TO ADD: Jesus, comics creators are even more unattractive than their fans. What does it say when you have a group of 22 people and Mark Silvestri is the best-looking of all of them? How many bodies are in Adam Hughes' crawlspace? Did John Cassaday win that Yanni look-alike contest? Doesn't Jeph Loeb seem kinda old for a guy named "Jeph"? Is Brian Azzarello the Devil? How much flab is concealed by the "artsy" treatment of Skottie Young's photo? Does Rob Liefeld think he's fooling anybody? And why in God's name does Kevin Eastman still use a publicity photo that makes it look like he's on his way to audition for a Scorpions cover band?)
flavored with age

The end of an airhead

This is quite likely the last day I'll be posting on LJ from my current apartment. Adios, 4029; hola, 4043! The Pierce Crib is recribulating itself. Details on the housewarming party to which you folks have a standing invite as they become crystal.

On a totally unrelated topic, I had a dream last night (cue collective yawns and "next post" action from my readership) in which a bunch of LJ folks and I were hanging around, watching movies, overeating, drinking beer, and all that jive. For some reason, calamityjon and I got into a wrestling match, and I won: I used a deft combo of wear-down submission moves to neutralize his far superior strength, and special referree manningkrull gave me the pin about 15 minutes in. Jon got super-pissed and stormed off; he tried to front like he wasn't mad, but he threw all his money at me (there had been lots of bets going, and he was heavily favored) and demanded a rematch the next day. The funny thing about this dream isn't that I dreamed about wrestling with a man; I dream about that all the time, and at least this time we were wearing clothes. The funny thing is that I won, because in real life, Jon would take me apart like a model airplane.
flavored with age

Hey now, hey now, ikon ikon all day

Hey, it's that time again! That time being the end of the month, and a new icon set ready to debut. Note that there might be a slight delay in the appearance of the new set, because we're moving, and our internet access at the new place is spotty, but Monday, when I close the voting, I'll do my best to have them up as soon as possible. God bless America, and God bless the patriotic superheroes I used in July, but it's time to move on. Here's your choices for the month of my birth:

- Pictures of male porn stars taken out of context
- Guns I have owned or would like someday to own
- Further forgotten cereal mascots of the past
- Unusual, attractive, striking or bizarre beer labels
- Heroic athletes of the Soviet Union and affiliated satellite slave-states

Voix maintenant!

Poll #541828 Pollus Augustus

What icon set should I used in August?

Porn, porn and more porn
My favorite firearms
More goddamn cereal
Beer logos
Soviet super-sports
Some other thing, which I will specify in Comments
Like Tupac Shakur, I just don't give a fuck
I can't vote, don't ask me
Keep the current set, because I like to see patriotic superheros punching dirty Japs
My name is CLARENCE! Will you be my PARENTS?