August 1st, 2005

flavored with age

Wellity, wellity.

We're moved in to the new pad on Francisco. Much unpacking and waiting around for utility company hirelings remains to be done, but we got moved and I'm not dead. So: victory!

BUT AT WHAT COST? SBC, the former Ameritech and the phone company with which I have waged unrelenting bitter war for over a decade, continued their grand tradition of screwing things up; I won't go into the details because they make my heart collapse, but the upshot is that I won't have internet access or a working phone at home until next week (!).

Posting, therefore, may be light, since it's all gonna come from work. This is also going to be a tad problematic for me professionally, since I have a freelance assignment due today, and I can't get it to my editor yet; I'm gonna have to burn it to a CD and e-mail it from work tomorrow. Does SBC care? Like fun they do.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'll try to have the new icon set up by then too. But don't hold your breath, if you have any.

flavored with age

The Legacy of King Fahd

- Higher oil prices
- More gratuitous Saudi-bashing
- One less thing to rhyme with "God"
- With death of Fahd and Arafat and retirement of "Muhammed Hassan" character on WWE, kaffiyeh industry now lacks a prominent spokesman
- War begins between hysterical westerners and hysterical Wahab'bists over who can make direst prediction of Islamic fundamentalist takeover of Saudi Arabia
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(no subject)

There's an article on MSN today -- can't find the link and can't be bothered to look it up, really, because it's a crappy puff piece -- about where movies will be in 2015. Predicted: DVDs for sale in the lobby; gourmet dining at the snack bar; downloadable first-run movies on your computer. Not predicted: better movies. The article does note that as yuppies and Gen-Xers age, there may be more raunchy comedies aimed at older Americans, which is good news -- I look forward to more handjob scenes and fart jokes when I'm 80 -- and increased interracial romances on screen as the world becomes smaller and countries become more diverse. So movies will continue to suck, but in a truly multicultural way.

The real news about multicultural filmmaking, of course, comes from the ever-enlightening IMDB message boards, where "Stealth" inspired this truly heartwarming exchange.

Black man and an Asian woman. PLEASE! I just very rarely ever see an asian woman and black man. not really sure why?


they had an asian woman and a black man relationship in the show ER, although it didn't last.


A lot of porn films or clips will feature a black man giving it to an Asian babe. Try the TEN Network if you want to see this.


Ummm. Where do you. You must live in a place where there are not many black men and asian women. Move to NYC and you will see alot of interacial relationships like that. Ignorant.


Tiger Woods is from a black father and an asian mother.


Regarding the subject. Truly sir, if you have never seen a black man and an Asian women together, you must live under a rock or the mid-west. It's a very common thing in the big cities.


cigerettes are bad glad you don't support them.


flavored with age

The Protocols of the Elders of G-Mail

Well, at long last, the evil cabal of Jewish overlords who engage in a fiendish plot to dominate the world has revealed itself to me. The last 15 spam e-mails I have gotten for dick pills, bootleg software and bogus home loans have come from:


Apparantly, the Jews of America have nothing better to do than take over the gray-market Cialis trade from its previous management by Obfuscating Q. Highbeam and Rancorous W. Estimate.
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They call me Poo Mouth

I was having an enjoyable stroll around the office, peddling my papers (for I am employed as a professional paper-peddler), and chawing on a big and tasty hawnk of Bubblicious -- the LeBron's Lighting Lemonade flavor, to be exact.

And then I walked into the men's room.

flavored with age

Boy, I sure am posting a lot for someone who said "posting will be light", huh?

Speaking of Bubblicious LeBron's Lighting Lemonade Gum, I like it because it's the only gum I've tried that comes close to tasting like the late, lamented Gatorade Gum. Which got me to thinking about other foods I liked that are no longer available anywhere, anyhow, any way -- not even from an awesome site like Hometown Favorites. Foods like Monterey Jack Doritos and 7-Up Bars.

And that brings me to: what foods do you miss? What did you used to really dig on that you can't get anymore? (Note: here, I'm not so much looking for foods that you can't get because they're regional, and you moved someplace where you can't buy them anymore -- for me, that would be Poore Brothers potato chips -- but more stuff that just isn't made any more at all.)