August 5th, 2005

flavored with age


Hey, friends in the Chicagoland area: I probably won't make it due to last-minute unpacking issues and the arrival of my terrific gal ninafarina and her Li'l' Duce tomorrow AM, but if you'er smart, you'll go to Vaudeville Underground tonight. It's at 7:30, in the old Glade Hall in Logan Square (Altgeld & Talman). It's a real live Vaudeville show, with magicians and musicians and for all I know, dancing midgets. Best of all, my pals Lara and Jeff will be performing a slate of original music. I've been to VU a bunch of times before, and it's always a blast -- good entertainment and a chance to support local artists for cheap. It's a really cool venue, too, with plenty of excellent restaurants, including the breathtaking Lula Cafe, nearby.
flavored with age


- I suppose you all think you're better than me because you're at WizardWorld. Well, you know what? YOU ARE.

- The music forum nerds are now moving on to posting their 100 greatest records of all time. They're killing me, I tell you, killing me.

- I have a couple of presents for my gal when she comes to visit over my birthday weekend, and I even threw in some fun toys for her kid:

1. Stuffed animal (donated by thaitea)
2. Spinning hypno-top
3. Firearm
4. Poisonous metallic Dr. Doom figurine
5. Trip to beach to pick up infectious disease
flavored with age

Speaking of WizardWorld... is the day that DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories comes out. It's the first and one of the best of a whole line of prestige-format reprints of DC classics, including these forthcoming titles:

Superman's Jackoff Pal, Jimmy Olsen
Great Moments in Fishnets
(featuring Black Canary & Zatanna)
That Douchebag Jimmy Olsen Again
DC's Finest Fill-In Issues
(and the companion piece, DC's Finest Missed Deadlines)
Fuck You, Jimmy Olsen
Oddly Sadomasochistic Wonder Woman Stories
Sorry, Jimmy Olsen, You're On Your Own This Time
Superboy & Young Lex Luthor: Stop Touching Me
Goddamn It, Jimmy Olsen
Inside Green Arrow's Medicine Cabinet
Jimmy Olsen's Greatest Fuckups
Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson: When Beefy Met Meaty
Jimmy Olsen Stories We Wish Were Imaginary But Which, Sadly, Actually Existed
Flash's Rogues Gallery in 3D: Agggh, My Eyes
Jimmy Olsen-Pete Ross Smackdown!
The Jutting Elbows of Carmine Infantino
Darkseid Shoves a Barbed-Wire Corncob Up Jimmy Olsen's Ass
The Silver Age Wigs of Supergirl
Shut Up Already, Jimmy Olsen
Space This, Space That, Space the Other Thing: The World of Julius Schwartz
Superman's Favorite Transvestite, Jimmy Olsen*
Flash, Ah-Ah, He'll Save Every One of Us
Mary Kate, Ashley & Jimmy Olsen
Superboy & Young Lex Luthor II: Why Are You Heat-Visioning Yourself? Why Are You Heat-Visioning Yourself?
Bizarro Jimmy Olsen: Men Behaving Sensibly

I'm really looking forward to these!

*: Note that it would be staggeringly easy to compile just such a selection. Given Jimmy's prediliction for dressing up like a pretty lay-tee, it would probably run to about 500 pages.