August 8th, 2005

flavored with age

You say?

Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent it with the person I most wanna spend my birthdays with: my gal ninafarina. She came down from the Twin Cities with her cool cool kiddie, Li'l' Duce, in tow, and we had all sorts of fun: some beach/park action ('til Annie passed out from heat-related sleepiness), Shedd Aquarium action ('til Annie decided the benches were a lot more fun than thousands of living exotic aquatic creatures), taqueria action ('til Annie decided that her water glass wasn't suffciently stocked with napkins). It was a blast, and my girl is the best, and that's that, chicken fat.

Swag included:

- cash (from my parents, who long ago gave up on trying to know anything about me)
- lunch at Turquoise, candy, a gift certificate to Powell's, and Worlds of Tomorrow: The Amazing Universe of Science Fiction Art from my pal never_fear
- Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays by Northrop Frye and Free Jazz by the Ornette Coleman Double Quartet from rum_holiday and her husband
- dinner at Thai Lagoon and an awesome messenger bag from ninafarina

and my swell roommate, thaitea, provided top-shelf babysitting and was very patient and understanding when I came home after taking my girlfriend to the airport and basically collapsed from three weeks of delayed exhaustion.

I got good friends, a decent life, and a girl who cares. That's about all you can hope for.
flavored with age


If you don't go see me and a bunch of more talented people read Wednesday night at the Hideout in the latest installment of Funny Ha-Ha, you's a fool. A fool of the highest order.

That said, I guess I better get cracking on picking something to read.
flavored with age


I am a self-educated genius. My top 100 lists of film, music and literature reflect rarefied tastes so exquisite that they place me on the bleeding edge of our nation’s cultural elite. Everywhere I go, the great and the wellborn seek my opinion on matters of political, aesthetic and philosophical import.

So I am going to grace you with my reviews of two really, really bad movies I saw on digital On-Demand cable this week while I was cleaning house. This is the use to which I choose to put my remarkable mind.

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